Writer: Moms Need More Sleep.

“Are there any other moms out there besides me up for changing Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love mantra to ‘Eat, Pray, Sleep?,’ asked Karen Brody, mother of two, writing on the Huffington Post. Saying that moms need the chance to rejuvenate themselves the same way Gilbert could – without disappearing for months at a time – Brody said she found that the key for her was to get more sleep and is now a big believer in the power of sleep.


“. . . [M]y doctor told me at a routine visit that I was exhausted (really?), my gynecologist thought I looked awful . . . my dermatologist said my skin wasn’t clearing due to tiredness, and my nutritionist said every organ in my body was severely exhausted,” she wrote. “Their recommendation? Sleep.”


“The bottom line is that when I do [sleep more], I feel better,” Brody said. (February 2011)