Lactation Rooms in U.S. Capitol Well Used.

The several lactation rooms in the U.S. Capitol building, as well as in neighboring congressional office buildings, are used by many congressional staffers and even visitors, the Associated Press reported. Despite the fact that one of the rooms has been referred to as the “boob cube,” AP said the rooms have been well received with their hospital-grade pumps, a mini-fridge, hand sanitizer, comfortable chairs, a TV and ample outlets for laptops.


“Conference calls are taken over the mechanical whirring of pumps,” AP reported. “Legislation is read and marked for questions or revisions amid bottle changes. Interviews are conducted and e-mails written and answered between swipes of sanitizing wipes.”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of the lactation rooms: “We want to see young moms be able to make their contribution, to advance their careers on Capitol Hill without any obstacles relating to privacy or otherwise. It’s good for our country. More young moms in Congress.” (December 2010)