Study: Breastfeeding Moms Viewed as ‘Less Competent’ at Work.

Montana State University researchers have found that women who breastfeed are considered “significantly less competent . . . in math and work specifically and [are] less likely to be hired to all conditions.”


In the study entitled, “Spoiled Milk: An Experimental Examination of Bias Against Mothers Who Breastfeed” published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the study’s authors said, “Results suggest that although breastfeeding may be economical and healthy, the social cost is potentially great.”


Researchers added: “A woman may not breastfeed because of worry over how she will be evaluated by other people. Data from the current project suggest this worry may be warranted, to the extent that breastfeeding is a devalued social category,” according to news reports. (March 2011)