New Year’s Grieve.

I’d love to report to you what a fantastic time I had on New Year’s Eve. But I can’t. This New Year’s Eve I went to bed at nine p.m. and was fast asleep by eleven p.m. watching Tropic Thunder courtesy of Netflix since my husband and I can’t even leave the house to browse Blockbusters these days. It makes me wonder, you know like in an Auld Lang Syne kind of way, what I used to do for New Year’s Eve. I believe there was a time in the distant past, before I had children when I would most certainly drink until I was well over the legal limit, bust out some streamers and more than likely furtively grope a complete stranger. I know for a fact there were skimpy outfits involved.


The first year my husband and I were dating, I insisted that we ring in the New Year with a bang (so to speak) despite the fact that I was in bed with a 102 degree fever suffering from the worst flu of my life. At that point, it was still important to make every New Year’s one to remember. Once I got used to being part of a couple I didn’t care if every other holiday went by the wayside: Christmas lost some of its festive spirit – let’s face it, it had mostly been about the office parties anyway, Valentine’s Day took on less and less significance –who cared about flowers or chocolate when you already knew your mate loved you? –even birthdays came and went without much fanfare. But New Year’s Eve still represented something worth celebrating: Hope for the upcoming year, an excuse to drink insanely expensive champagne, and hanging out with close friends. It’s a holiday devoid of family obligations. Unlike Thanksgiving, there are no sit down dinners that start at the unreasonable hour of three p.m., required small talk with distant aunts and uncles or faking enthusiasm for green bean casseroles – New Year’s Eve is all about fun.


The first year New Year’s Eve started to suck was the first year I had a baby. Elby was born in November so she wasn’t even two months old when we rang in 2005. There just isn’t a ton of fun to be had with a baby who still isn’t sleeping through the night. If memory serves me correctly we were up to see the ball drop not because we wanted to be but because Elby was still feeding every couple of hours. But, hey, she was just a baby, I had to cut her some slack for ruining my favorite holiday –she didn’t know any better yet. The following year, she was one and that’s when I found out that New Year’s Eve is the black hole of babysitter opportunities. It’s tougher to get a babysitter on Dec. 31st than it is to get into Yale so we did the next best thing: we invited our friends to come over to our house and then proceeded to say “Shhh…the baby’s sleeping!” “Don’t wake the baby!” “Uh oh, did you hear the baby?” Needless to say they split before midnight.



I hsve not rang in a News Year in about oh...ten years or so. Needless to say; I don't miss the day-after hang-over's. With the freakin' Brady Bunch living with me; I couldn't afford to be sick. That stuff doesn't impress me anymore. A day without blood-shed is a good day.


This article was both delightful and funny. And oh so true. We went to friends' for New Year's, only one of us was allowed to drink (me, because I needed it after a Christmas with my family), and we ended up leaving at 10 PM to avoid drunk driving New Years' revelers. Our 2 month old was put down to sleep around 11, and then we were immediately asleep as well.

I vaguely remember, somewhere around 12:00 am, my husband waking me up to say Happy New Year. Later, around 3 AM, I did get to enjoy the annual TV festivities (being re-aired) while I sat up feeding an infant her first food of 2009.


First of all, who wants a hang over for any reason? There is not a holiday awesome enough to deal with THAT the next day!

Second my issue is that I like hanging out with my kids and I would love to have something that we could do as a family that doesn't happen at noon. My kids are night owls and could totally rock the ball drop, but just sitting at home watching it on TV is lame.


I highly recommend having the party at your house. We partied like it was 1999.


i just said this NYE that i can't wait until the day comes when all of my kids are old enough to take care of themselves and i can have a hangover on new year's day without having to worry about them...

and now i know what my first post-baby drink will be in april: a pomegranate margarita. that sounds so delicious right now.......


That sounds vaguely familiar. We went to the annual gathering and split about 9 or so. We ended up going back over the next day though for more fun. Since most of our group have kids we're able to cut ourselves some slack. But I do miss my alcohol tolerance and gleaning all of the crazy stuff that happened that you or your friend won't ever live down.