Moms Seeking Medals.

I know that I’m supposed to be inspired when I watch athletes from across the globe who are currently competing in the Beijing Olympics. And, this year, there have been occasions when I genuinely have been inspired, such as during the Opening Ceremonies. Loved the artistry, the intricacy and enormous amount of work that undoubtedly went into a show-stopper of a performance (that was before I learned about the Chinese/Milli Vanilli move with the lip-synching little girl). Adored rooting for the come-from-behind U.S. men’s 4 X 100 relay victory, particularly after the French team unwisely vowed to crush them. And I was likewise cheering during the U.S. women’s (girl’s, if we’re being honest) All-Around gymnastics gold-silver triumphs.


About half-way into the summer Olympics, I’ve watched volleyball (beach and indoor), basketball (men’s and women’s), soccer (women’s), gymnastics (men’s and women’s), swimming (men’s and women’s) and bits here and there of the weight-lifting, enough to feel sympathy pains in my lower back. And we haven’t even gotten to the track and field events, or diving in earnest yet.


There’s an awesome group of women competing for medals who are moms of small people, notably the 41-year-old swimmer Dana Torres, the mom of a toddler with the killer bod (the killer bod belongs to Mom, not the kid). Yes, it is indeed amazing to watch these women compete at the highest levels of their sport despite the fact that they have very young children.(As I write this, I’m sucking in my gut and loose skin around my mid-section that I acquired after being pregnant with twins. Not everyone can “pop” back like fellow twins mom J.Lo. you know. Not everyone’s a Dana Torres. Some of us have jobs that don’t hinge on our physiques and 8-hour/day gym routines . . . but I digress.)


However amidst all the pageantry, the role models, the super-tight athletic attire on all the Olympians and the World Records falling faster than the president’s poll numbers, something’s been bugging me about the Olympics this year that I can’t quite put my finger on. It just doesn’t have the same feel to me as the 2004 games.