Seasonal Closet Changes for Moms and Kids.

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore


For Kids

Going through your children’s clothes drawers and closets to see what fits and what doesn’t can be tedious – not to mention heart wrenching when you realize how quickly they’re growing up. But these tips should make the job easier for you:

  • For clothes you plan to keep for family hand-me-downs, get two or three bins per child label them by size, gender & season. If one size 5 doesn’t fit Suzie, chances are all size 5’s won’t, so toss them in the Girl/Size 5/Winter bin. Have a big Ziploc bag handy for giveaways and one trash bag for those clothes that are beyond repair.
  • If your children are old enough to dress themselves, they are old enough to go through their own clothes first to select those items that no longer fit. You’ll just need to police their selections once they’ve done the heavy lifting. Assign one drawer at a time to avoid overload – and consider doing each drawer in 30-45 minute time slots over a week. And if your child is unsure about any outfit, have them set it aside for you to help them determine if is too tight, etc.


For Mom
Hate to do the seasonal clothing change? Welcome to the club! Here are some things you can donate that often get overlooked:

  • Many women’s shelters need makeup and jewelry for their clients – put your unused toiletries and jewelry to good use.
  • Shelters have the same need when it comes to shoes. If they hurt your feet and you never wear them, the chances are you never will. Give them to someone who will put them to good use. If you think they are too worn to donate, perhaps your kids would like to use them as part of their dress up repertoire.
  • Donate business attire (including shoes, jewelry, scarves) to Dress For Success in your community. This wonderful organization provides career attire to low-income women seeking employment. They accept donations of used professional clothing items that are in good condition.




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