An Organized End to Summer.

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore


The last days of summer are on their way. As the days get shorter, and thoughts turn to back to school, get ready to put away summer things for safekeeping. Give yourself one task to do each day this week, and you’re stuff will be in tip-top shape next spring, when you’re dying to use it again.

  • Clean the kids’ summer toys and put them away. Looking for a great way to store random sandbox and pool toys? Buy one or two of Ikea’s big blue reusable bags and throw them in. Tie the handles together and store them on a shelf or in a closet. Next spring, when you’re ready to use them again, the blue bag serves as the perfect, durable tote.
  • Clean patio furniture off, including umbrellas, and put in the garage or under covers for the season.
  • Do a deep-clean of the grill and wheel it to the garage, or put it under a cover for the fall and winter.
  • Take summer machines, like the lawn mower and hedge trimmer, to be serviced. That way they’ll be read to go without much hassle when warmer weather returns.




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