The Mominatrix's Top 5 Things to Enjoy While Handcuffed.



The Mominatrix's Top Five Fun Things to Enjoy While Handcuffed


1. Candles. Who said hot wax was just for hair removal? Grab a couple of special candles, light them up, and drip the melted wax on a few strategic areas, particularly the super -sensitive nipples. Don't worry - it only burns for a few seconds.


2. Feather dusters. While dusters aren't the most effective way to clean your house, they can certainly do a number on your inner thighs. Brush lightly over your partner's skin and watch your significant other wriggle in delight. Just avoid the feet if you've got a super ticklish partner.


3. Blindfolds. Take away the ability to see and you're forced to rely on all your other senses, thus heightening your overall sexual experience. Make sure to stimulate with sounds, touch, and even smell. Good ones, that is.


4. Chocolate syrup and other edibles. Playing around with food in the bedroom can be satisfying for both parties. While any old items you have in the fridge will work, you might try ones that are made specifically for skin application. A case of hives is never really sexy. And depending on how well your kids sleep, you can extend your exciting evening with a shower in case you weren't able to get all that syrup off with your tongue.


5. Body paints. Let your inner Leonardo da Vinci out and go to town with your partner. The combination of the cool paint along with the soft swirl of the brush is sure to satisfy. For extra fun, track down edible body paints. Just make sure you put down a towel or keep an extra set of sheets close by.




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