The Mominatrix's Top 5 Things to Enjoy While Handcuffed.


by Kristen Chase, the Mominatrix


Just because you endure your own form of S&M on a daily basis doesn't mean you should avoid it in the bedroom. You might actually find that playing with the idea of control can be pretty damn sexy. And don't think you need to invest in a latex suit and spiky heels or remodel your basement into the form of a dungeon. Rather, just play around with who's the boss and see where it leads you.


It's only natural that you'd be turned on by the idea of control. Even if you share the household duties with equally with your partner, your kids are probably the ones in control of when you wake up, when you pee, and when you don't get more than a few hours of sleep in a row. Basically, your life is being run by a bunch of little people. So if you need to exercise your big-person status, put yourself back in charge and call the shots in the bedroom.


On the other hand, maybe letting your partner take over could be the welcome break you need. You don't necessarily need someone to bark orders at your while tugging a leash around your neck, but relinquishing responsibility and letting go while someone else takes care of business, without your input for once, could be pretty damn hot.


Whichever role you decide to take, it's important to start slowly and gently. So purchase a set of handcuffs and then let your imagination run wild.


Here are some ideas: