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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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During a hymn,my son tried to tell me something;I couldn't hear him & told him so.I'd lost my place in the hymnal & finally said,"Mommy can't hear you now, tell me later". The exact moment, my son breathed in deeply, the hymn ended & he yelled with all his might, "Mommy, Pastor Bob has a huge booger in his nose"! EVERYONE heard my son's "announcement",& our pastor's face turned bright red!


Overly tired, I woke my sons up at 3am & told them to get ready for school. They were half-dressed when my oldest announced, "Mom! It's 3am & it's Saturday"! We all went back to bed & I'm reminded often of this terrible misdeed! :)


Getting ready in the morning to go to work I call my husband an a$$ and my 5 year old said "no you both a$$, mommy you a$$ and daddy you a$$. You are married and love each other and shouldn't talk like that in front of me and the baby." I just bursted out laughing.

I Pray

I went back to work when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I was so exhausted and full of brain fog, that by the 8th week I drove all the way to work with her in her car seat and forgot to drop her off at day care...twice!

My Mama Mojo

I was on a conference call in the car with my 18 month old son in the back seat, he wanted his cup so I reach back to hand it to him, and by accident hung up, I said oh shit and not even two seconds later he yells shit! Oh my, I was so embarrassed and mad at myself. I couldn't believe I said shit in front of him.


I work from home and my kids aren;t supposed to be at home with me. But sometime there is only so much you can do in a morning. I was in the restroom when my boss called and my daughter answered the phone. OPPS


Long day at work, stressed, and I go home to unwind for 30 minutes then go to pick up my boys from daycare, I forgot the carseats and didn't notice till I got them to the car. I had to take them back in and go back home. The crys as I walked out without them hurt my heart.


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My husband came home for the week from the Service. He went with to take our son to his daycare. This woman has been used by many families at the hospital I work at. As soon as we leave my husband starts, "How do you know he is safe. What is she is abusing him and we will never know. You should be home with him. I replied with a nice "Well we can always take the Infinity back to the dealership."


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