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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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The "mommy farted" story tops it, however the child in this moment was my baby sister; 2 years old. We were the only ones on the transit bus at the depot waiting for more passengers, the bus driver was an enormously obese woman, babysister exclaimed: "Lady Fat!" it echoed throughtout the bus. I was mortified. I didn't want to confirm her newly developing cognitive skills.


I'm ashamed to admit that I was once late to pick up my son. I had been up with my 6 month old.Being sleep deprived,I had completely forgotten that it was early release day. I was mortified when the school called!When I got to the school, My son came running up to me, asking where had I been. Til this day he brings it up,'hey mom, remember when you forgot to pick me up from school?'


The daycare teacher said there was a “laundry surprise” in Layla's lunchbox. 1st thought - she pooped in her pants. No. 2nd thought - tights I had put on under her jeans. Got in the way of diaper changes? Nope.
It was pair of MY underwear. My hair dye stained, Target-bought, faded, parachute underwear. The static of the nap mat had held on to my underwear in the dryer.At least they were clean.


While changing my son's diaper, I forgot to put the new diaper over top of his bits, and he let loose with a nice, big arch of pee that went right into his own mouth. How was I NOT going to laugh at that?!


I was doing some online work at home and I'll admit, I ignored my 1 year old's request for graham crackers and milk. A few minutes later I found her in the bathroom dipping graham crackers in the toilet and eating them. GROSSSS! I'll try to listen better from now on.


My three year old son loves the show "Wipeout," and often builds little obstacle courses to fling himself around on. But he has also picked up several lines from the show, including "took one in the coconuts," "ooohhhh, took one down south," and "good night, and big balls." And yes, he does say these things to other people.


I negotiated a job offer while hiding in the bathroom with the door locked as my girls banged on the other side trying to get in. I wrote the offer down on the back of a pharmacy receipt with lipliner fished out of the make-up drawer. Happy ending: got the job!


A grueling several months at work is topped off recently with back-to-back infestations. First my son with lice. Then my daughter and I got scabies. Horrible. The only good thing to come out of it is that I could avoid going into the office over the weekend, and our client was more than happy for me to skip out of the upcoming in-person partner meeting.


My sister gave us a movie night.We came home after the movie "Couples Retreat" we wanted to have some fun before we went to pick them up. We fell asleep and woke up at 5am and I saw missed calls from my very annoyed sister. The baby was sick and she was in panic not knowing what to do. I felt like ahorrible mom and cried.That was our last movie night! We did enjoy the night!

I Pray

I am a full time working mom and student with a 5 yo. Plus, my husband left us. Exhausted and tired I fell into a deep sleep that night. I woke up the next morning my daughter had devoured about 10 fruit snacks, 2 muffins, 2 pop tarts, 2 Capri Suns, and other snacks. She hid all the wrappers on the side of her bed. Apparently she got up in the middle of the night hungry and I didn't hear a thing.


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