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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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I sometimes put my kids in their next day's clothes the night before so that I don't lose time in the morning getting them dressed and to school/day care on my way to work. But one night, my daughter went to sleep in the current day's clothes, and the next morning I forgot that it was the outfit from the day before. She went to school in the same clothes, and several classmates noticed.


As I was bringing my 10month old into on-site daycare at work he had a huge green booger threatening to slide right into his mouth. Ick. And of course it was the only time I didn't have a kleenex. Well the only thing I had was a pantiliner. So there I was, walking my son into work as I wiped his nose with a pantiliner. Yikes.


Five minutes into my daughter's soccer game, I realized I was the snack mom that week. With my 3-yr old in tow, I ran to the market for halftime and after game snacks...only to miss halftime by 5 min. I got some good looks from the other moms. I let them know that they could actually "thank" me for keeping the bar so incredibly low for them to meet and exceed in future weeks. (Sigh)


3 weeks after having my daughter, I had to fly to Vegas for a quick 2 day work trip. I carefully packed my bag including my pump. It wasn't until I landed and called to check in with my mom that she asked me if I needed the thin tubes that were on the counter. I just about fainted -a pump without tubes wasn't going to do much good! I had an $80 cab ride for $1 tubes. Such a waste of $ and time!


My son broke his arm on a Sunday nite, which meant we were in the ER all night. I was up with him most of the next night b/c of pain. Tuesday morning I was so tired, I tripped down the steps and sprained my ankle. You can imagine the looks we got when we appeared at the orthopedist's office together!


I finished interviewing an executive who worked at a competitor. I wanted to check to be sure that I was the last person on the schedule. The exec began walking out my office door and I yelled "Freeze!", which is a word I use with my 3 year old quite often. Well, it worked. He froze in his tracks. Thankfully, he was laughing after hearing my explanation.


I have Type 1 diabetes and more than once, after getting 2 kids ready in the morning and dropping one off at preschool, I have been halfway to work and realized I forgot to put my insulin pump back on after taking a shower.


on my blackberry travelling to a client while my daughter, on speaker was practising her speech. efficiency is key as a busy working mom. we do it all, we do what stay at home moms complain that they have no time to do plus earn an income. we do it all.


At work one day, I pretended that I was hungover from a wild night out because my young, single boss would understand that excuse better than admitting the truth: I'd been up all night with a crying, sick baby.


As an Exec. Admin. Asst. with 4 bosses,I was always thinking. I was currently working on our company seminar and arrived at work early to get started. An hour and a half ater being at work one of the guys from the warehouse asked where i got the "life like" doll in my car-I ran out-to see my two year old daughter in her car seat still asleep. Lucky for me the babysitter was just 4 blocks away.


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