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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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I was back to work and still nursing.I had a case of something I don't know how to spell and was told by my doctor to bind my chest with an ace bandage. My boss calls me in to a meeting with every department head in our company. Half way through the presentation, I feel the ace bandage unwind! Soon I realize that I am dragging 2 feet of ace bandage around that is coming out from under my shirt.


I work at home. I was on the phone, trying to be professional. As I'm talking to the person my daughter comes out and screams into the phone "I CAN'T FIND MY UNDERWEAR!" Nice. The next day I bought a headset with a mute option!


more of a vent i suppose. . .but i am not looking forward to this evening. I will go pick up kids then pick up daddy, we will go home he will plop on the couch while i get kids occupied while i clean the kitchen and cook dinner then baths/bed for both. when i am about done he will ask for my help. and he wonders why most evening i dont want to be "intimate", because i am so tired from doing it all


The children had been shouting at each other for about an hour, while I cooked supper, took down the washing, folded it, did the dishes and ran the bath. I marched into the lounge and shouted at them, "You know what? I'd rather be at work than listen to you lot argue." Sterling mom, no?


I was at home with 2 sick kids- boss called me and said I had to be on a conference call. It dawned on me that the ONLY TIME they sit still for a movie is watching on the DVD player in the car so I strapped them in the car seats w/ a movie and joined the call sitting right outside the car. All was OK until time to go pick up my older son at school. Car battery died from the DVD player running!!


hello, recently I am w/o a sitter,now i have to go through and find another, which is my first,How do you get over that feeling of guilt you feel, dropping your child off at a complete stranger's house.?My in-laws have always watched my son,until now, and it's killing me knowing he has to stay with a stranger.Can anyone give me pointers, to make this easier.


I was bone tired yesterday night and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Only to be awakened, in a few minutes with BANG - my 16-month old daughter had fallen off our family bed!!! She cried out: "mommieeee....oueiiiiiii..." then fell right back to sleep...


I was at the office deep in a good writing moment when I got a call from my daughter's school asking where I was. Um, I'm working, I said. Then it hit me. Months earlier I had arranged a meeting with her teachers, a learning specialist, a doctor who had just completed a neuro-psych on my daughter and I JUST FORGOT ABOUT THE MEETING!!!!!!!!



I woke early, pumped, got my 4 mo. old son ready for the day & packed the car to drop him, and his gear, to his grandmother's as usual. I drove the 25 minutes to drop him off and realized that I had left the breast milk in the cooler on the dining table! I had to drive home, get the cooler and drive back to grandma's and then home for work...missing 1.5 hours of much needed work time.


I was late and had to get gas at the station and drop my daughter off for her dance classes. We filled gasand left to head out. People behind me honked and my daughter looked out
" Mommy, I think you forgot to put the gas pump back in." I had pulled out the station with the gas nozzle still in the gas tank. It was most embarrassing to pull back into the station to hand the nozzle to the attendent


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