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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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One day my 3 year old was throwing fits about EVERYTHING, so I decided to take her and my 3 month old to the store. On the way there my 3 year old started whining and crying AGAIN, for no reason. Finally I exploded and screamed (no, not yelled, screamed) "WHAAAT...WHHHAAAAT DO YOU WANT!!!!" she said "my toe!" and I said "I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR DAMN TOE!!!!" turned around, went straight home.


More than one time… I have been so into what I was doing on my computer with work, I have forgot to feed my daughter breakfast…. no wonder she was so cranky and driving me crazy.


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