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Modern moms are overextended, exhausted, multi-tasked out and guilt- ridden. With all this juggling and struggling, inevitably a ball gets dropped every now and then. Misery loves company, share your best dropped ball stories. And don't miss Lizzie Bermudez's worst mom moment video interviews.

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I was rushing trying to get the kids ready for school and me ready for work. I have two pair of identical sandals, one black pair and one brown. When I got to work, I looked at my feet and I had one of each on. I ended up having to wear a pair of flip flops that I had in the car all day at work.


I have 4 kids at three different schools/daycare. I was rushing in the morning getting the big kids packed up. I get them all in the van and halfway to the big kids school I realize that the baby is still sleeping! I drove off and left her in the crib!


My 15 month old son (who was in bed with me) woke up wanting a bottle at 3am, so I stumbled my way into the kitchen and poured a bottle of milk without turning on the light. Then I returned to my room, handed it to him and curled up in bed. Then I was covered in milk and the baby was crying. I never put the nipple back on. The baby, the bed and I were soaked. So much for a good night's sleep!


While not the worst it is the most recent. While typing up a review I just mistakenly gave my daughter a sippy cup full of full on half and half instead of milk. She's still drinking it because I can't bear to dump it down the drain.


One Tuesday, my husband and I went after work for dinner, but I forgot that the babysitter couldn't make it to daycare that night. I remembered only on the way home at 7pm - both our cell phones didn't work on subway. Our 3 yo daughter was at daycare's director's house, and it took me a month to convince her that "I forgot" doesn't mean "I don't love you"...


i'm a legal assistant who makes > $12 an hour. i love my job, but not today. the attorney manager of our dept needed her files delivered to her cuz she had to attend a sushi lunch. meanwhile, i was fretting cuz i had to get all the food & supplies my daycare needed in order to help my 13 mos old girl w/ her constipation & diaper rash. the sad part is that we represent kids in foster care.


Went to a party and forgot the diapers, I had to figure out how to use a cloth diaper to change my son's diaper. Terrified I would poke him with the safety pins, I had to race home to get the diapers. Well everyone had a great laugh at my expense.


Two weeks post partum, I was back catering (my 5th event since the birth). I had a small lunch to cook and deliver, so I brount my newborn & nineteen month old with me. We were just about to pack up when my daughter walked up to the counter and knocked over a container of salad dressing on her head.She was covered head to toe with Balsamic vinaigrette! Needless to say, I brokedown and just cried!


My boss fined me for being late to his staff meeting, I had been pumping, and said in front of 20 people, that I wouldn't pay him b/c I had to finish using my BREAST PUMP! It was like pouring salt on a snail---he recoiled and never fined me again, even when I wasn't pumping.


I worked with all men and sat in 8 hour meetings for weeks with the same group. I left every day at the same time to pump. Finally one of the men, married not kids, asked what the black bag was... my medal pump. The men with kids together said, warned him. But he did, I matter of factly told him, the best was how embarrassed he was along with all the other men who wanted to know but did not ask!


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