Mom-Friendly iPhone Apps.

Apple's newest phone, the iPhone 3G S, went on sale this past Friday, and sold a million in the first weekend. With over 50,000 apps on the market, how will consumers—particularly busy parents—know which are the best ones to buy? According to tech leader, the best ones aren’t always the ones that are top rated on iTunes. editors have cut through the clutter and named the 10 iPhone apps for Parents and how they can be adapted to make motherhood (or fatherhood) a less-complicated experience.

  • Shazam: This app is able to identify whatever song is playing in the background wherever you are; use it to snag a sound bite from that new Top 40 hit your child loves, and get the details on whether it is in line with your family's listening standards.
  • White Noise: Babies scream, toddlers pout, and parents can often lose their minds, White Noise is perfect for taking things down a notch.
  • Kindle: One of the most exciting apps for the iPhone, Kindle lets you easily bring along most any book or magazine for you and your kids to enjoy on the go. Create your own family book club or read while stuck in a doctor's office, a book of your choice or read to your child.
  • GoodFoodNearYou: When you’re on the road with the kids, avoid the fast-food joint and replace it with the convenience of this app to help you find health-conscious dining choices. Input your location and it will return scads of sides, sandwiches, and suppers from every dining destination in the vicinity.
  • Dinner Spinner: If the question is "What are we having for dinner?" this free app will let you choose recipes based on main ingredients, what you have on hand, and how much time you can spare for food prep. Or let it randomly selected meal plan for you.

We know that when we are talking about iPhone, most people in the world also move, they are taking part to what is hot and trendy. Kindle is what I want among the list indicated above. All my reading needs, maybe fiction, politics and horror, I rely on it..

Angie Lou, Seatle ipad keyboard manufacturer


I absolutely love Shazam. It's one of the most-abused app in my iPhone. Oh and I didn't know that Remember the Milk also has an app. I've got an account and I didn't even know that. Anyway, if you don't mind, I would like to recommend another mom-friendly iPhone app. It's called Intuition ( It helped me balance my time as a working mom with 2 kids by managing my tasks, to-dos and appointments and even my shopping list. I also like the way it helps me delegate some errands to my husband via email, Facebook or Twitter. This way, he can remember to pick up some groceries on his way home. And the best thing about Intuition is that it's free!