Mom on the Run.


About three weeks ago I started going back to the gym –a place I used to go religiously until I got pregnant with twins. Yup, I’ve barely stepped foot into my place of worship in, oh, roughly two years. I’d been meaning to for sure. I bought new running shoes after the babies were born but I could never seem to get the energy to go to 7-Eleven let along hit a Precor machine for thirty minutes. But recently my sister-in-law, who is a no nonsense gal from New Jersey, pointedly told me it was time to get out my sweatpants for a change and put on some jeans like a normal person. Well, I tried and the muffin top spilling out over the top of even my biggest jeans wasn’t a pretty sight. It practically had me making a beeline for the Trader Joe’s frozen mac & cheese which may truly be the most fattening food on the planet. I only buy it to feed Sadie but when I cook it, slowly unpeel the plastic top and get a whiff of its cheesiness I feel like an addict that should call her sponsor. I want to take that macaroni and cheese somewhere private and have my way with it. And then of course Sadie takes like three of the teeniest bites as if she’s a hummingbird and not a human, Mattie eats a couple of scoops and it’s all I can do to put the rest in a Tupperware container and get it out of my eye-line.


This is how I found myself finally using my sweatpants for their real purpose – to soak up sweat and not just to attempt to hide flab. My first time back, I was appalled at how my heart was bursting out of my chest after only ten minutes of calorie burning. “Today is the first day of the rest of my ass” I told myself over and over which I’m pretty positive is an old Buddhist saying. I’m very spiritual in case you didn’t know. That first day I only made it to twenty minutes and threw in a few weights for good measure but by the end of the week I was at thirty minutes on a higher setting and doing regular sets of shoulder, stomach and arm weights. The next week I went back and worked out four days in a row! I assumed the pounds were melting off but I couldn’t confirm this because I go to the most low rent gym ever and their scales have never all been working at the same time since like 1982. As far as I could tell for the last couple of years there’s only been one working scale in the locker room and that one was broken when I started going back and then recently removed completely. I asked the twelve-year-old behind the counter when it would be back and she said any day now. Apparently someone in the locker room broke the scale on purpose by ripping the wires out of the wall –I’m assuming in a fit of anger -but the gym staff hasn’t found the culprit yet. I can kind of understand but really, these are grown women. I know it’s painful when you step on the scale expecting to drop a pound and find out you’ve gained twelve but no need to take it out on the scale! How about eliminating cookies from your diet and saving yourself a criminal record?



Ha! Ha! Ha! I haven't seen a treadmill since the 80's! I forgot how to even spell it! I am lucky to pencil in a pee and poop once or twice a week with OUT someone sitting on my lap while I am trying to go! let alone slip away for two hours a day to go to gym. I gotta hand it you all you gals who got trustworthy babysitter's. We live in a pretty iffy neighborhood and the kiddos are VERY unpredictable here. I don't trust just anybody to watch my kids. Hell, I leave them with my husband to go WalMart for an hour and a half and come home and peel him off the cieling! Good Luck at the gym Steph. Lose some inches for me too girlfriend!!!!


Hang in there. And I wouldn't mind the scale too much ... I found that things redistributed after two kids ... and you after all had twins. My only saving grace for getting to the gym is that we have one at work, so that is where I spend my lunch hour. I'm sure you'll be back in your jeans in no time.