Michelle Obama's 'Mom-in-Chief' Choices Continue to Spur Discussion.

Michelle Obama's decision to label herself "mom-in-chief" once her family moves to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is still causing waves.



Maggie Jackson, author of "Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age," wrote in the Boston Globe that Obama is setting a poor example for women. ". . . Michelle
Obama has been a highly successful working mother and will be again some day," Jackson wrote. "To hear her try to distance herself now from that role does a disservice to our children - and to our country."


Meanwhile, Vanity Fair writer Diane Clehane asked several high profile working moms in the media about the impact of Michelle Obama would have on the issue of working parenthood.


CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien told Clehane: "Working mothers will absolutely be watching her to see the decisions she'll make. She epitomizes the modern mom - a woman who is well educated and had an important job - and yet she is making that choice to step away from full-time work to be home with her girls because her husband is going to be president of the United States."
(December 2008)


I say, it's her life let her live that way she wants to!


Michele Obama doesn't strike me as someone trying to "distance herself" from the working mom crowd. Rather, it seems she is making an important decision for her family.

In proclaiming herself "Mom-in-Chief", she seems to convey a solidarity with moms everywhere, especially since she will have both the working mom and the stay-at-White-House mom experience.