Tori Spelling: A Real Mom.


by Meredith O'Brien


I feel as though I’ve been on a reality show binge lately, what with all the Jon & Kate and Raising Sextuplets madness. And for some reason, the Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood’s fourth season called out to me and made me watch it . . . against my better judgment.


Last year, my Mommy Track’d editor, the lovely Amy, asked me to write about Tori Spelling’s reality show and, in true journalistic form, I felt as though I had to study up on my subject. I gorged on a marathon viewing of Tori & Dean episodes and then plowed through Spelling’s book sTori Telling fully expecting to find it as odious as other reality show fare like, say, The Cougar. Funny thing though, I didn’t hate Tori & Dean. This former 90210 fan found myself actually admiring Spelling’s work ethic as a member of a dual-career couple with two kids, even though she did seem a wee bit obsessed with throwing parties and dressing up her dog.


So when season four of Tori & Dean premiered this spring and Spelling’s new book Mommywood came out, I found myself unable to resist. While watching the latest episodes, I realized that even though Spelling is being pulled in myriad directions by work (as is her husband), there’s something distinctly different about the working parent mania that they experience. That something different can be summed up in two words: Hollywood and celebrity.


When my three kids were babies and toddlers, I could look like the sleep-deprived hell that I felt and bring my diapered trio to a public playground without worrying that I’d be followed, photographed and videotaped. I could buy copious amounts of the legalized controlled substance known as java at the drive-up window and not worry about the Red Sox hat I’d jammed over my unkempt coif, or the T-shirt and sweatpants I was wearing. When I worked on my articles, columns and blogs at my house, I could do so without worrying about my appearance.