Raising Hope, Rising Safety Concerns.

by Meredith O’Brien


I’m really taking a liking to a new, coarse Fox comedy, Raising Hope. It’s crude and distinctly politically incorrect which, frankly, appeals to my anti-perfectionist parenting sensibilities. I’m sick of hearing and reading how I’m going to cripple my children’s well being, emotionally and physically, and hobble their futures if I don’t do X, Y and Z, and if I do A, B and C. It gets really old to feel like you’re being lectured all the time or that parenthood is somehow a competition with winners and losers. So watching this unorthodox comedy with its odd premise is a refreshing humorous respite from parenting expert finger-wagging and the fierce competition among parents.


Here’s what you need to know about the show: It began when a twentysomething guy had a one nighter with a woman, who turned out to be a serial killer. The interlude left her pregnant and on the day of her execution for the murders, the baby’s father, man-child Jimmy Chance -- a landscaper and pool cleaner -- took custody of the baby who he renamed Hope. (Her killer mother originally named her Princess Beyonce.) The shaggy-haired Jimmy lives with his parents Burt, alongside whom Jimmy works, and Virginia, a housecleaner who gave birth to him when she was 15. Also living in their small house is the chain-smoking, dementia-addled, chain-smoking grandmother Maw-Maw who frequently parades around topless.


From the pilot on, it’s been like a parade of child-rearing “don’t’s” lampooning the current over-protective, safety obsessed, parenting climate:


Child-proofing: The Chance family didn’t really give much thought about child-proofing the house once Baby Hope arrived. Why not? They never baby-proofed 20+ years ago, as we saw via flashbacks of a baby Jimmy playing in paint, getting mild shocks when he dumped water onto an overloaded clump of electrical cords and literally playing with a box of matches. (It reminded me of my childhood when my brother ate an array of poisonous substances, and survived, because parents weren’t expected to lock down everything in the house including the toilet.) However when Hope started crawling – and then crawled into Virginia’s overloaded shed towering with precariously placed heavy objects – it dawned on them that perhaps they should at least make a token effort to make the house a tad safer.


Car seat: Going hand in hand with the fact that they didn’t know about child-proofing was Jimmy’s ignorance that laws require that infants and young children be strapped into a car seat which is strapped down in the car itself. When Jimmy was younger, he was allowed to stick his head through the hole in the floor of their car (the car the family still drives), therefore it made sense that once Jimmy scrounged up a very old, used car seat, he didn’t realize he had to tether it to the backseat, as Virginia demonstrated by sharply turning the wheel sending her granddaughter’s seat tumbling around with the baby inside. “We didn’t have those kinds of safety things when you were a baby,” Virginia said.



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Baby First TV

We LOVE this show too! Very funny take on child-rearing (to say the least)! Every episode makes us chuckle and smile :)


I love this article! I was just talking about this with my husband. I was wondering if the way we are raising these kids is affecting their ability to be confident and deal with conflict and identify danger. I have a friend who if she could she would wrap her child in bubble wrap but also not ever let anything upset her toddler. She shields him from everything including things that may be scary or "mean people". But then I think about the bullying situation and wonder if we don't let our children learn about danger, fear and conflict and learn how to deal with all those emotions, how will they ever be confident enough to deal with a bully or notice a dangerous situation? maybe this is off topic!


i love, love, love this show! As a new mom, i agree with you on the parents as winners/losers competitive mentality. its not for me. My 15 month old is sweet, funny, friendly and fearless. She 'shakes it off' and laughs outloud most times she gets a bump or bruise. i've gone on record as stating i'll never be 'mother of the year' but you know what, i'm sure she [or her future therapist] will love me all the more for it!