Silverman's Slip-Up.

by Meredith O'Brien


When I tune in, I see a busy, disorganized family, just like mine. Sure, the mom’s a bit unusual because she can talk to the deceased and sometimes sees what she thinks is the future and all of that, but when I think of NBC’s, er, CBS’s drama Medium, I see a typical mom of three who struggles daily with things like keeping on top of the kids’ homework, discipline, house stuff and balancing her and her spouse’s careers . . . except for that communicating-with-the-dead-to-solve-crimes angle.


I’ve been a fan of the Patricia Arquette drama Medium since its premiere, and not for its occasional gory scenes and otherworld sleuthing. There are already plenty of crime shows out there, like CSI-this and Law & Order-that and Ghost Whisperer covers the ghost thing. So why watch Medium? Because none of the other programs have the Emmy-winning Arquette playing Medium Allison Dubois. None of them feature the Duboises either, a middle-income American family which has experienced job lay-offs, tight finances and occasional marital stress caused by work/life juggling.


“But isn’t that the creepy ghost show?” I’ve been asked when I recommend the five-year-old Medium to friends.


“Yes,” I reply, “but it’s got the most realistic family on TV right now. Except for the ghost part.”


Well put.


I also love MEDIUM and I had heard there was talk of it ending and I'm SO glad that it hasn't. I too will be making a switch to CBS next season. And the reason I do like it, along with the 'ghostly crime drama stuff' was that, like you said, it's just so realistic! Patricia Arquette looks NORMAL and acts NORMAL (as does the rest of the cast). Their family life is just what many of us have at home, so it is sort of comforting to see it. Not that I'm not also a fan of Desperate Housewives, but like you mention, I don't have time for weekly poker games, gourmet food every night and a Size 0 to boot. I certainly don't relate to that show, it's just a guilty pleasure. So YAY to CBS for picking up MEDIUM!!!!!


Did you ever think that NBC, a.k.a., Obama communications department, doesn't want to show the DuBois family? Unemployment? No. Entrepreneurship? No. Parents having to deal with shools? No.

According to Obama, we live in a world where only the government can help you solve all of life's challenges. Having two adults struggle to figure it out and make it work is counter to Big Brother.