Mad at Mad Men.

by Meredith O'Brien


*Warning, spoilers ahead from the Mad Men season finale.*


First and foremost let me say this: I’m a huge Mad Men fan. I frequently blog about it and review each episode the day after it airs. Perceived its fourth season, which just concluded this past week, as exquisite, thought-provoking and brilliant. But I’ve got two problems with my beloved show’s most recent season:


I hate that Betty Draper Francis has been turned into an unlikable villain who was afforded no truly relatable moments. Plus I’m supremely annoyed that it appeared as though in the season finale Don Draper impulsively proposed marriage to his 25-year-old, bikini-wearing secretary (in season two Don scolded his ex-wife, saying her bikini made her look “desperate”) instead of getting engaged to his girlfriend Dr. Faye -- the professional consumer researcher and someone who’s much closer to Don’s age -- based on how well each woman handled his kids.

Jennifer June

Sure the actress is from my hometown so props to her and her future career blah blah blah...
If Don Draper marries his secretary I will be very sad.
I'm hoping this is just his desperate attempt at controlling his environment, what with the agency falling apart and his wife finally moving out of (and him subsequently selling) their family home etc...
I know I know, it's not real life but... Let's pray for a wake-up call.