Bad Dads.

by Meredith O’Brien


I’m not, by nature, a hater. My writing doesn’t usually include personal attacks. Unlike some poison pen scribes who hold nothing back while they gleefully and snarkily lambaste others, I usually try to maintain an even keel, sometimes using humor or sarcasm to get my point across. So it’s atypical for me to feel compelled to give two narcissistic, clueless fathers of young children a verbal vivisection, to hurl names at them and to beseech them to just shut their traps.


I’m talking to you Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston.


We all have problems. We all have arguments and disagreements with our significant others, our parents, our in-laws, if we’re married. Life isn’t always fair and doesn’t always go smoothly. People with whom we’re related – by marriage or blood -- are inevitably going to disappoint us at one time or another. But the two of you are fathers of small children. Those kids are going to grow up and eventually read all the smack you’ve been dishing about their mothers and/or their families and realize that you tried to enhance your own public relations standing by airing their family’s dirty laundry in public. While Jon is acting as though he’s on spring break, cavorting with bikinied, barely legal gals at a Las Vegas pool party, Levi is holding up a photographic likeness of his son’s grandmother in front of his face -- with Sarah Palin’s eyes cut out -- in photos which accompany his glossy tell-all tale in the pages of the October issue of Vanity Fair.


First I’ll address Jon, who we all know has eight young children and has, for the past several years, co-starred in the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kate. After the couple publicly announced their split this spring, the two, at first, said they were going to deal with one another amicably, for the sake of their children, and take turns staying in their Pennsylvania home with the kids. At that point, I had a great deal of sympathy for the couple, whose marital woes were being exploited by TLC for the sake of ratings, at the expense of the Gosselin family. I even wrote a sympathetic column about them.


We know there's more to the story than she's saying, she probably wasn't as happy as she mostly has said, but she has said very little about American Idol producers and whatever happened to cause a rift. Classy.


I think this article says it all, though there are several names that could be added to this list. ;) Guys, take a hint from Paula Abdul and say only nice things. We know there's more to the story than she's saying, she probably wasn't as happy as she mostly has said, but she has said very little about American Idol producers and whatever happened to cause a rift. Classy.


I can't get over the indiscretions here. Also, I can't believe that Vanity Fair is publishing the Levi Johnston article. I know it's glossy and just barely above a tabloid at times, but this really is beyond the pale. Way to be the "liberal media" that Ms. Palin is forever complaining about (I say this as someone who does not support Ms. Palin). Thanks, VF.


First I got stuck on the part where somebody actually paid, like real money, to have Jon at a party. Once I got past that part all I have left is poor innocent kids who did not get to chose the media or their dads.


It's appropriate to group these two men together since they are both acting like immature frat boys although Levi Johnston is 19, and Jon is only acting as though he is 19 . . .


Puhlease! These women invited the public into their lives and now that the men are doing the talking they don't want the public to know their personal business? I do NOT condone what the men are doing but the women nead to be realistic. I'm sorry but they should know by now that they can not ask the media to go away when they don't want "stuff/things" known about them. They were just fine dishing/sharing about all the details of their life until things went south. Now the men are doing the talking and the women don't like what they are saying.
And as far as Jon Gosselin goes, what do you want him to do? The Paparazzi follow him everywhere. There is no hiding for him now. Kate G. probably doesn't comment about it because she doesn't have a leg to stand on. I cringed at the way she treated her husband all those years.


Amen sister. Amen.


I totally agree with ecn...the girls definitely show tasteful restraint!


All people should take a lesson from this. And remember there are always 3 sides to every story, his side, her side, and the truth.


Great article! I am always shocked when people throw public temper tantrums like this. I never really liked Kate or Sarah Palin, but my opinion of both of them only improves as they continue to show restraint.