Think back to your childhood… Did you want to be an actress? An inventor? A TV or movie director? A mom?


Listen in as we chat with one of the directors of the TeenNick hit series, The Naked Brothers Band; the developer of a celebrity-lauded, all-natural diaper cream; a director of the critically-acclaimed HBO series, In Treatment; and the Emmy award-winning actress who played the memorable Melissa on thirtysomething…all wrapped up in one remarkable, overachieving mom, Melanie Mayron.



Mommy Tracked: You’re a fellow mom…could I start by asking you to share a little bit about your children?


Melanie Mayron: I have two great wonderful kids, a girl and a boy. I love them madly; they're fantastic, healthy and so, so special. I am a very lucky gal.


Most of us recognize your face immediately from your Emmy award-winning role on thirtysomething. Do you keep in touch with any of your former castmates?


We do keep in touch off and on over the years. I worked with Peter Horton in the first feature film I directed, The Baby-Sitter's Club for Columbia Pictures. It starred Sissy Spacek's daughter, Schuyler Fisk, who is getting acclaim these days as a singer/songwriter. I also got to direct Peter again on last year's HBO series starring Gabriel Byrne and Diane Wiest, In Treatment.


Polly Draper hired me to direct a half season and she [would] direct the other half of a hit series she created for Teen Nick on Nickelodeon based on her two sons, Nat and Alex Wolf, called The Naked Brothers Band. I worked with her for three seasons on that show. So we got to hang out a LOT! We had a ball! My kids went with me to New York the first season and had the opportunity to hang out with Nat and Alex and the rest of the band for a few weeks. That was a very big experience for them. They got to be in one of the shows playing "friends of the band," and when the show aired all their friends from school saw them on TV. It was a HUGE deal.


Tim Busfield hired me last season to act in two episodes of Lipstick Jungle on NBC, playing an Annie Liebowitz type photographer. Really it was like playing Melissa 2.0 nineteen years later ... I had a blast. And then I actually got to direct an episode last September where the three gals go to a bed and breakfast upstate for the weekend. Christine Ebersole played the owner of the bed and breakfast. It was terrific fun.


Any particularly fun tales to share from the thirtysomething experience?


Last year Tylenol did this ad campaign about staying healthy and living right and exercising and they asked the four gals from thirtysomething to do it. We did some interviews and press and got to spend the whole day together like the ole days when we were shooting the show. It was like NO TIME had passed and there we were just yakking, the four of us. One of the most special things about thirtysomething (aside from the brilliant writing and directing and production value and acting!) was the fact that our ensemble of actors loved each other so much and got along so well together — there were never any trips like we so often hear about on other shows. We were all so grateful we had been hired! And that people everywhere liked it so much, well that was just the icing on the cake!