Make Mine A Double.

First off, let me say how pleased I am to be the newest columnist for Mommy Track’d! I am honored to have been given a space working with founder Amy Keroes and among my peers. Allow me to give you a little background before I start my official column: My name is Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Last year, by way of introduction, I would have told you that I used to be a television writer but now I am a mother to a 3 ½ year old daughter, who is the light of my life, and the author of the book, Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom. A lot can change in a year.


Around May of last year I found out I was pregnant again. The pregnancy started out normally, if by normal you’re used to horrendous morning sickness, daily spotting and a doctor who at five weeks told me I had about a 50/50 chance of the pregnancy being viable. This was followed by a massive bleed at eight weeks, leading me to believe that a miscarriage was a foregone conclusion. Except that during the ultrasound at the ER instead of no baby, I was informed I was carrying twins and immediately burst into tears. They weren’t tears of joy. I never imagined myself as the mother of three children. To be honest, I hadn’t been super crazy at the idea of two. But here I was – two buns in the oven.


I tried to be optimistic. Hey, I’m good at multitasking! I can watch TV, read a magazine, eat a Ding Dong and talk on the phone while simultaneously switching from Blues Clues to Wonderpets for my toddler without missing a beat. On the other hand, I’m seriously not a morning person. Deep down I knew I was screwed. I was on a deadline for book number two: Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down and trying to deal with the challenging task of finding a suitable preschool for my daughter.


November 26th of ‘07, I gave birth to Sadie and Matilda, who were born prematurely at 2 pounds and 4 pounds respectively. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say I’m “doubly blessed” as so many strangers insist I am – strangers who don’t live in my house and aren’t in charge of buying double the diapers, double the formula and hearing double the screaming for no apparent reason. But there is fun to be had, as long as my meds are taken at regular intervals.


Checked out your blog first and I love it! You remind me of a friend I have... isn't that the great thing about this big mess we're all in? We all get to become cyber-friends! Oh... let's cyberhug with that awkwardness when you meet a new friend and don't want to squeeze to tightly or hold the hug too long because they may think that you want to be their best friend but really you don't you were just trying to be polite and wait for their cue to pull away but they never gave one and now they think your weird.. oh @#&*. I think I've gone too far.


Can I swear over here? Because I was totally going to tell the haters to flurk off with their "I don't like registering" complaints.

They know I'm joking. I think.

You know what? I'll even register for sites you AREN'T writing for if you tell me to.


hey stephanie, i did not like registering but i am a fan...will take you anywhere you looking forward to your memoir, is that what it is?


Hey cool! You are taking over all of my reading venues. Any chance you're going to start a column in the Chicago Tribune sometime soon?

I can't believe you're writing a third book already, you must be absolutely exhausted. I don't envy you... even while I probably do envy you a little.

Great intro-- can't wait to read more!


I'm with Black Hockey Jesus. Registering was way annoying, and something I rarely do. But I heart you, too. Can't wait to read the new book.


Stefanie. This system made me resgister and that irritated me, so you can see the lengths I will go to - I'm a full fledged member of mommytrack'd. I even have an avatar. Because I am your number 1 fan. ~BHJ


Mommy Track'd is the perfect place for you! Welcome.

I felt an instant "pudding" with you when I saw you have twins plus one. ME TOO! All the humor and roller coaster ride like thrill is SO worth it. The first 3 years are UNFORGETTABLE!

My twins are now in Grade School and now I'm "track'd" into being the room parent for TWO CLASSES. I couldn't do it without Jooners and Mojitos! The is THE SLICKEST way to get everyone else to do the work :) (just send out the "need help with" list and watch all the other parents sign-up!). The MOJITOS are the bubbly, minty-fresh injection I need at the end of warm days! Who knows...maybe now that fall's here - I'll try tequila!


Hey there sounds a little hectic!! Just make sure you are having fun! Things will soon fall into place. Take a peek at my site DISTRACT yourself!! I have some twin items that'll make you smile.

I'll follow tilllllll

Linsey Krolik

Hi there. I have 3 kiddos too, although I did the twin thing FIRST, thought I was done and then...surprise! So I had 3 kids under 3. Yes, very fun. Better living through chemicals is definitely a theme in my life too! Glad to see you here and look forward to reading.


lol. Welcome to motherhood. I have five. (two toddlers, 3 teens). I did all the doubles, martini's, tequila, name it. Then my liver said, "uh, your 35 and I'm done." So I had to stop.

But, there is fun to be had. Now, how I find fun...when I zero in on one of them, I have fun. When I am trying to work, or write, or focus and they are "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy..." Then I am not having fun.

I do not think people get married and say, "let's have children" to have more fun. That's when they decide, 'fun's over, let's make little people to set up our future as retired grandparents when we are 90, and maybe they will change the planet or cure cancer."

I have had to figure out how to live my life, and have a life, a career, study, educate myself, train, work out, vacation, visit family, read a book while having children. I started at 18 years old. I had no choice, because I am full of spunk and I wanted more to life then changing diapers.

I diggin' what you wrote here. All I can say is build up a good roster of babysitters, work on a early bedtime, and carve out 2-3 hours of uninterrupted mommy-kid time so they get their juice, then you can get yours. ;)