Young, White, Gorgeous, and Dead.


By Leslie Morgan Steiner


Parents, teachers and kids across Washington reacted with shock to Monday’s Washington Post front page headline that a handsome University of Virginia senior from an elite local all-boys prep school had been charged in killing another UVA senior and former girlfriend. Both victim and perpetrator were young, white, accomplished athletes who graduated from DC-area schools in 2006. Yeardley Love went to Notre Dame Prep, a Catholic all-girls school in nearby Baltimore, and George Huguely was a football quarterback and lacrosse star at Landon, an old-boys school on acres of manicured green fields in Bethesda, Maryland. Apparently everyone who knew Yeardley Love and George Huguely missed the warning signs that this talented young man from a wealthy local family had devastatingly serious problems with rage.


Here are the warning signs about George Huguely’s problems with alcohol, his inability to maintain close personal relationships, and trouble taming his anger:


2006 – Landon names him “Top Prankster” for escapades such as stealing a coach’s car and propositioning another coach’s fiancée.


2007 – Florida police charge him with underage alcohol possession near his family’s vacation home; during the same year, Huguely is charged with driving 70 mph in a 55 zone.


2008 – Florida police intervene after Huguely bizarrely jumps into the ocean to swim ¼ mile to shore during an argument with his father on the family’s 40-foot fishing boat.


2008 – Female police officer in Lexington, VA uses a taser to subdue and arrest Huguely for public swearing, intoxication and resisting arrest. Despite UVA regulations mandating university notification of a student’s arrest, Huguely conceals his 60-day suspended sentence, probation, fine, community service and mandatory substance abuse treatment.


2009 – Begins romantic relationship with UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love.


2009 -- Attacks a sleeping teammate who had walked home and allegedly kissed Love. UVA lacrosse coach Dom Starsia disciplines both players.


2010 – Three University of North Carolina lacrosse players intervene to separate Huguely from Love during a campus party in Charlottesville.