Why I Love Sarah Palin.

by Leslie Morgan Steiner


With trepidation I recently agreed to:


A) Buy Sarah Palin’s New York Times #1 bestselling autobiography, Going Rogue


B) Read all 413 pages




C) Talk publicly about Palin on one my favorite radio shows, Michel Martin’s Tell Me More.


Washington, DC, where I live, votes 97% Democratic. My beloved liberal DC mom posse – who always listen to the show since it conveniently comes on NPR at exactly the hour we are all scooping our kids from school – vituperate Sarah Palin with intensity usually reserved for stepmothers who were once Hooters waitresses. Even the Republican former speechwriter Mary Kate Cary, my co-guest on Tell Me More, avers Palin.


My reluctance to tackle Palin publicly came because I knew what would happen: in the tempting privacy and security of the windowless NPR radio studio, I’d confess to how much I actually like Sarah Palin. Three million people would hear it on air, including the mamas. Then my friends would run me over in carline as I tried to pick up my children.


Before YOU run me over, first let me state what I hate about Palin.


First, she uses a lot of exclamation points in her book!


She glorifies Ronald Reagan as if deserving sainthood.


She preaches – and seems to believe -- the specious concept that policies effective in Wasilla (population 10,000) and Alaska (population 686,000) can be translated to the greater United States (300 million) and the world (six billion).


She believes God speaks directly to her and justifies decisions that hurt thousands of people, such as her feeble decision to abandon her elected position as Alaska’s governor last July, with God’s impossible-to-debate alleged invisible hand.


She can be hypocritical. For instance, during the McCain campaign she flaunted the puzzling fact that she never used babysitters, then thanked at least nine in the acknowledgements section of her book. (In the meantime making us working-moms-who-use-daycare feel like piles of dog poopie.)


Finally, I can never, will never, agree with her view that women and girls cannot end unwanted pregnancies inside our own, God-given bodies.


In short: Palin’s political ideology is flawed, adolescent, and potentially hazardous to ordinary citizens.


However, to my chagrin, I can’t help but adore Sarah Palin. She reminds me of my favorite moms – including my own.


Wow. I know. Stalin has two legs, just like me! That's why I love him so...


I wish you were joking, but I've read enough of your work to know this is heartfelt and well meaning. This is just pure crap though. Really.

Just because Sarah Palin reminds you of yourself in a very cardboard cut out, trying-to-relate-to-the-rest-of-us kind of way, doesn't make her akin to Gloria Steinem or Michelle Obama.


She makes working women look like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom, or something far worse - something that's actually kind of dangerous to those children. Kind of like a bumbling but lovable idiot who means well, he really really does, until he forgets to take one of his kids out of the car while shopping and they suffocate. Only if she were president, we'd sort of be those kids. That's right -vote for Palin and we all die.

Gloria Steinem reported on huge injustices to women and became the founding leader of the women's movement. She wrote one of the most famous speeches of the 20th century. Have you ever heard Palin speak?? How can you possibly think the two women are comparable?

I'm sorry - I realize this is harsh. I just can't believe you adore this woman. I'm honestly at a point now where I don't think I'll ever return to Mommy Track'd. It's time for me to unsubscribe. There just aren't enough hours in the day to waste reading things like this.


I sit here (and by sit here I mean I have the time to just sit). I am a not yet mom (praying to be one ASAP) and business owner who looks at moms who can accomplish so much personally and professionally with such awe and hope. Women like her are empowering.