California Gurls: The Wave of the Future.


by Leslie Morgan Steiner


Katy Perry’s summer smash hit, California Gurls trumpets bikinis, stilettos, sex on the beach and melting your “popsicle.”


The song most definitely does not pay tribute to the daily accomplishments, responsibilities and triumphs of California’s women over 21.


Pehaps it should.


California is home to 18 million women. Thirty percent of all businesses in California are owned by women. A UC Davis 2005 study of top executives showed that 10% of board seats and top executive positions are held by women.


Women run California – literally. Although only 17 of the 100 US Senators are women, both Senators from California are women – Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Boxer’s challenger this November is a woman – former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Another woman who made her fortune in California business, Meg Whitman from eBay, is running for governor of the state and has spent $139 million on her campaign. And of course, the richest female entertainers in the world call Los Angeles home, including Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Judge Judy...and of course, Katy Perry herself.


HAHA! As a California girl myself-I was born and raised on the central coast of CA and have lived in CA all 25 years of my life-the only thing that makes it look like CA has more opportunity for women is in fact the colleges. Think about it, the most liberal colleges are in CA, Berkley (probably tops the list), SFSU (San Francisco State University), Standford, UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and UCSC (University of California Santa Cruz) probably top the list too. I lived in San Francisco for two years, and it is probably the most accepting and liberal city in the US. CA is not an easy place to live for anyone, men or women. You have to REALLY want to live here and/or be forced to live here. Personally, I want out of this state. There are too many regulations on little things that make no sense, and the tax system here is absolute crap. Our entire state tax system needs to be shredded and rewritten.

That being said, I can say two things for certain about California, #1. It is a great place to be FROM. #2. It is a great place to VISIT.

Living here can be an absolute nightmare. And if all our top women are in fact living in CA, there really isn't many other places to live. If you are a CEO of a large company, you want to have the headquarters in a state where there are a lot of people in a small area. Plenty of cities in CA have this (SF, LA, Sacramento top the list). And of course most of the highly paid entertainers live in CA...Hollywood. Duh. They all either live in Hollywood, or NYC, and sense the majority of entertainment comes from Hollywood, then that is where they would live. Makes sense to live where you work!

So if you want more liberalism and you think its in CA be prepared to pay for that liberalism and sunshine. Everything here costs more. EVERYTHING. Half the time, I feel as though I have to pay to breathe here.