Myths of Modern Motherhood.

by Leslie Morgan Steiner


I recently stumbled upon this gem in an old issue of Parenting:


Six Biggest Parenting Myths

1. Bribery is Bad.

2. Children Should Never See Their Parents Argue.

3. Always Put Your Kids’ Needs Ahead of Your Own.

4. You Should Treat All Your Children the Same.

5. Children Need “Quality Time.”

6. “Losing It” With Your Kids Makes You a Bad Parent.


The article debunked all these falsehoods one by one. I read each validation, laughed, and felt much better about myself as a parent.


Then I started thinking about the biggest working mom myths. (This is also known as “copying a good idea you saw somewhere else,” a critical component of the working mom survival kit.)


Back to the myths. You know, those wise mantras we believed back in the day, before stretch marks, when working 60+ hour weeks seemed cool? When advancing one’s career trumped all else? When we wore clingy wrap dresses WITHOUT Spanx? When staying late on a Friday night seemed…FUN?


thanks for another great article! look forward to your writing in every issue...