What a week to be pre-menstrual.



I’ll give you a brief overview: Tuesday night there was a picnic for all of the families at Harper’s new school.  I read the invitation wrong and showed up half an hour late.  Upon realizing this, I began to cry.  On Wednesday morning, the first day of school, I woke Harper up and got her dressed.  Upon seeing her in her school uniform, I cried.  We then drove her to school, and upon parking the car, I cried.  Upon opening my mouth to say hello to another mom, I cried.  And when the teachers lined the kids up at the door to the classroom and had them all turn around and wave goodbye – no.  I didn’t cry.  I sobbed.  Really, really loud.  People were scared of me.  I could tell.



I cried the whole drive home, I cried when I picked her up from school, I cried that night.  The next morning, I dropped Harper off and then came home and took Davis to his first day of preschool.  I told him I would stay until circle time, and I sat in the corner of the room by myself and cried.  People stared.  Now I was the crazy crying lady in two schools.      



Davis, miraculously, did not cry when I left at circle time.  And Harper bounced into her first day of kindergarten with what could only be described as a zest.  (Although she did have a minor meltdown on Tuesday night; she cried a bit and said she was scared, but then Wednesday morning she seemed to have forgotten all about it).  It turns out that I have healthy, well-adjusted kids who easily adapt to new situations.  They obviously got that from their father.  



I won’t blame my tears entirely on the hormones (although they’re certainly not helping my cause).  The truth is, I am legitimately sad.  I thought that the fact that I still go to our old preschool with Davis would make things easier, but I actually think that’s just made it harder.  Every time I walk up the front steps, I am reminded that Harper is not there with me, holding my hand.  I can’t even look at her teachers from last year.  But the good news is, I’m not the only one.  All of my friends who have younger children still in preschool keep saying how strange it feels to be there without the older ones, like we’re cheating on them somehow.  And all week, we’ve been checking in with each other to see which of us would be the last one to get over it and stop crying.  I thought I’d be the winner, given the PMS and all, but one of my friends is pre-menopausal.  If we were playing hormone poker, I’d have two pair, maybe a full house.  But she’s got a royal flush.  It’s pretty much unbeatable.




aweee, i also cried my son's 1rst day he rode the bus, he was all for it, but his daddy made me feel better by following the bus all the way to school. I have a 2yr. old and a 1 yr. old I think that they will really hit me, because these are my last planned babies...... but I cried too!


Being a working mother, I didn't expect Kindergarten to be an issue. My daughter has been to daycare, preschool, and she's almost 6 years old. When the bus arrived on the first day, all the kids piled on and the bus driver pulled away. It happened so fast. No time for pictures, extra hugs and kisses, or anything! My eyes filled with tears and then when the other parents noticed, I couldn't hold back that terrible cry face that means I'm really upset. The emotion caught me by surprise and I could totally relate to this article. Apparently, even the mailman heard about my crying but when I blamed it on the hormones (i'm pregnant), he said, "yeah, right."


It's a double edged sword, isn't it? My 'baby' just started Preschool with her big sissy today, and here I was all excited to have 2.5 hours to myself for the first time, and I just sat in my car and cried. I am too young to have both kids in school!!! I was so excited to see them that I came to pick up early and had to wait outside the door. They ARE my favorite people, after all! Good luck on the adjustment... we are entering a new phase in our Mommyhood :)


Wow, rough week. I'd blame it mostly on the hormones if I were you (and I have). Check out this site for a laugh -

I have one in first grade and one in preschool but I've never felt quite as sad as you're describing. I think it's because my 3-year-old has been through a heck of a lot (she was born with a cleft lip and has had two surgeries) and I'm just so freaking glad to see her in preschool happy and healthy. It's highschool I'm really worried about...