KinderCare: What Do You Want to Be?

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Kids dream big.


Spend time with any child and you’ll see more than a just a young boy or girl — you’ll see a cowboy, an astronaut, a superhero, a chef, an artist, an explorer, a king or a queen. And the ballerina on Monday may be an archeologist on Wednesday and an author by Friday.


There are no limits to what a child can be or do; if children can imagine it, they can be it.


But all this make-believe is more than just plain fun; role-play is an essential part of learning that helps children acquire the skills, knowledge and worldview that sets the stage for what’s ahead, according to child development experts. Not only does it help children think in the abstract — they’re not really a fireman, after all — but role play builds on their language and social skills; creates opportunities to problem solve; allows them to understand someone else's perspective; provides a safe way to explore the world beyond; and strengthens self-confidence. And, it satisfies their natural curiousity.


As the summer approaches, parents often struggle with how to provide their children with opportunities that encourage imaginative play in a meaningful, sustained way. Day camps can be a great way to do that, especially if the camp offers innovative, engaging and educational programs. And that’s KinderCare Summer Camp’s greatest strength.


Nearly 3,000 kids told KinderCare how they want to spend their summer — having fun — and that’s just what KinderCare’s Summer Camp offers with its 14 unique weekly themes.


What can be more fun than letting kids’ imagination run wild with hands-on activities, field trips and visits by special guests?