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Kate Winslet

"I have had moments in the last couple of years where, even though I've been at work and I go home and see the kids in the evening, I've felt that pull so badly.  I've said to [my husband] 'maybe I've got to stop this acting lark,' and he laughs at me.  He says, 'babe, you can't do that and you mustn't do that, because it's such a big part of you.'  It's about finding balance.  You have to be vigilant about important family things and important work things.  It's a real juggle. It was very trying to play a mother [in her new film Little Children] who basically couldn't feel cose to or look after the needs of her children. It was disturbing to put myself into that woman's head and it made me all the more aware of my responsibilities as a mother. It was such a cathartic experience to portray somebody who can't cope with her life that it reminded me how much I need my own children. That's why I've decided to take a year off to be with the kids and watch them grow and just enjoy the feeling of being very motherly."