Talk about a renaissance mom. In addition to being the nicest, most down-to-earth wildly successful person around, Jane Buckingham is the host of the Style Network's show Modern Girl's Guide to Life. She is the author of the Modern Girl's Guide to Life and the Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood. She's a columnist for the New York Times Syndicate and is a contributing editor for Cosmopolitan.


Jane also works full time as the president of the Intelligence Group, a marketing consulting firm she founded that uses traditional and nontraditional techniques to determine tomorrow's trends.


Jane Buckingham lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.


Do you work exclusively in an office, exclusively from home or some combination? What are the pros and cons of your schedule?

I work primarily in the office. Although I could work from home I find that I need to be accessible to employees, have access to materials, and get more done when I am there. I do work late at night at home.


What are the best and worst parts of your job?


I love figuring out corporate problems and solving them. I love getting to talk to teenagers and hearing about changes in the world. I love finding a new trend. I love managing people and watching them grow in their careers. I hate being told where to be, having too much work to do. I don't like not being able to finish something and I don't like the feeling of wanting to be with my children and not being able to. I hate dealing with managerial tasks like collecting on invoices or insurance etc.


Would you work if you could afford to stay home? If so, why?


Yes. I really enjoy my work and have built a company I am proud of. I get a lot of my self-definition from what I do and I learn a great deal about people and myself from my job. While I do wish I could work fewer hours, I think I'm a happier person because I work.


Of your female friends with children, how many work outside the home?


Only around 35%.


Did your mom work? If so, what did she do?


Yes. She was a writer and then a lawyer.


Do you travel for work? Do you consider it the great escape or do you avoid it?


I travel for work about twice a month. I almost never travel if I don't have to. I don't enjoy it — and turn around to come home as quickly as possible.


Do you have a formal or informal support group of working moms that you rely upon for advice/support?


No, I wouldn't have the time.


How do you feel about date night?