Holiday Photo Photography Tips.


by Nancy Alcott


This year, the fathers of digital photography were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work and contributions to the technology of photography. The genius of their work helped make photography accessible to everyone and unintentionally perpetuated the one reliable constant in photography – the ubiquitous, awkward holiday family photo. For all the technology available today, it seems there’s no escaping from this.


And while you don’t have to be a pro to take a good family photo there are some simple tips to keep in mind to help improve your chances of capturing beautiful, creative family photos.


Lineups are criminal.


For truly distinctive shots, forego the typical family lineup by paying attention to backdrop and poses. I like keeping subjects away from walls and busy backdrops, opting instead for cozier, more natural settings. Also play around capturing your subjects in ways other than dead-on facing the camera. A slightly turned head or angled shoulder turn can be the difference between capturing a cast of characters versus a night at the precinct.


Dress them like kids, not elves.


The holidays are festive but be careful not to overdo it on the outfits. Avoid busy holiday motifs or bold patterns and stick to simpler, solid colors to ensure their faces are the hero of your photo, not Junior’s explosion-at-the-candy-cane-factory jumper.