Holiday Card Do’s & Don’t's: Send Fashionable Cards, Fashionably On-Time

by Erin Newkirk and Renée Walter

This year is your year to wow everyone with your amazingly stylish and graceful holiday cards. Haven’t started yet? No problem. Just keep reading...  

DO create an action plan: Or simply follow ours.
Week of November 13th

  • Start compiling addresses in a spreadsheet for easy label making. Decide how many cards you want to send this year. 
  •  If you are sending photo cards, make Saturday the 18th a fun, family day and bring your digital camera. Think scenic…think colorful…find your happy place! Tips: to get ready for Saturday, test your digital camera + memory card by Thursday. Also, select and lay out clothing on Friday so you can get a stress free start Saturday.
Week of November 19th

  • “Go” Shopping! Forego long lines and busy roads & get everything you need on-line.
  • Holiday cards: Shop now & get great prices at on-line stationery boutiques.
  • Clear labels for envelopes,  available at any office supply store.
  • Holiday stamps ( or turn your fave photo into postage (
  • Process & print your digital photos on-line.
  • Enjoy the rest of the week – it’s Thanksgiving (November 23rd).
Weeks of November 27th and December 3rd:

  • Finish organizing your addresses.
  • Print labels.
  • You have time this year.   Personalize your cards with a short but sweet, handwritten message and/or signature. Write 5-10 cards a day to keep writers cramp at bay. Pressed for time? Designate someone to handwrite your cards for you. (Shhh…we won’t tell!)
 Week of December 10th:

  • Assemble cards + envelopes 
  • MAIL your cards
December Key Dates:

  • December 4th: Last day to send to Africa, Central and South America (USPS guideline)
  • December 11th: Last day to send to most international locations (USPS guideline)
  • December 16th: First Day of Hanukkah
  • December 18th: Peak holiday mail day – relish in your preparedness
  • December 19th: Last day to send Domestic mail for Christmas Day arrival (USPS guideline)
  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 26th: Kwanzaa

    DO take advantage of timely shortcuts: Here are a few of our favorites:
    • On-line shopping for everything from cards to labels to stamps to photo processing. With 24-7 access, no long lines, fantastic selections, comparison shopping, holiday deals, plus easy access to your list and other important card buying details. (See shopping list below.)