Head in the Sand.

Making sense of something like the Israel-Hezbollah conflict seems to require a Ph.D., something far too daunting for working moms who barely have time to brush their teeth. But staying connected to the outside world is possible with the help of some great online resources.

Far-and-away, our favorite news site for working moms is www.discussiondivas.com. Designed precisely for the time-pressed, the site – and accompanying e-mail newsletter – provides a quick synopsis and handy factoids for the world’s events, whether it’s global warming or the latest Supreme Court decision. With headlines like “Talking Points for the Holiday Weekend,” Discussion Divas will get you through any water cooler conversation. Traditional news websites, such as msn.com and cnn.com, are similarly informative and to-the-point.

“I start every day with The New York Times online,” says one working mom. “Headlines are delivered straight to my inbox in a very readable format. The short slideshows and videos are well done and run only 1.5-2 minutes. After I read the headlines and maybe one or two stories, I check out ‘Most E-mailed.’ These are some of the funniest pieces in The Times and a great way to see what America is reading and thinking about.”

Another working mom recommends Yahoo!'s homepage (“they get to the point,” she says). Also bookmark your local public radio station and newspaper websites, which give you headlines closer to home. And if you want a little opinion mixed with your news, visit the sites for the Huffington Post and The Daily Show.

Of course, catching the latest photo of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is sometimes as important as keeping up with the Federal Reserve. The spectrum of pop culture sites runs from news-y like people.com and etonline.com, for example to shamefully gossip-y awfulplasticsurgery.com. Our favorites include the insanely addictive popsugar.com (which even provides a handy “What to TIVO Tonight” section), thesuperficial.com (you’ve gotta love a site with photos of a poolside Lindsay Lohan removing her underwear) and gofugyourself.com