Handwriting Checks Is So Passe.

What will buy you more time to complete your overdue budget report, to cook yet another hot dog dinner for your kids or, god forbid, to watch the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that you TIVO’d three weeks ago but still haven’t had a chance to watch?

Online Bill Pay.

Tired of writing checks, buying stamps and dealing with snail mail, only to still get charged a late fee because the bills keep getting lost in the piles of work papers, homework and random catalogs laying all over your house?

Then it’s definitely time to starting using Online Bill Pay.

Totally free of charge, many banks offer you the ability to pay virtually anyone, anywhere so long as you have internet access and money in your account. You tell the bank who and when to pay and leave the rest to them.

The best part about this service is the feature allowing you to set up automatic monthly payments for bills where the amount doesn’t change. You can schedule payment for a year’s worth of daycare, tuition, garbage, gym and/or cable bills in a matter of minutes.

Now what to do with that time you have saved . . .