How can we possibly have it all when most of the time we can't even find it? Our Survival Guide will offer tips on how to get organized, take shortcuts, work differently and stay connected all without forgetting to treat yourself from time to time.  The Guide might just help you get a little piece of mind, if only it could unload the dishwasher too.  Joined by special guests from time to time, our Guide gurus are Alanna Fincke, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart's Body & Soul Magazine and Sarah Welch, co-founder of Get Buttoned Up.  We figure they are uniquely qualified to teach us all how to add a little calm and order to our otherwise chaotic lives. 

Just Bill Me.

I am over whelmed by the amount of monthly payments that I have to keep up with. Does your site or can you recommend an organizer for the due date of bills and how to get organized? Any program to help me get all in front of me to see? more

What Daddy Might Want But Ain’t Getting (For Father’s Day).

Believe it or not ladies you can shortcut the shopping and your partner’s expectations and still do something nice for him this Father’s Day. I had this revelation the other day right in my own kitchen. Here’s what happened. My husband who I always thought was different from other guys, made a remark that made me think otherwise at least for a second or two. more

Reverse Your Thinking On Guilt.

I have a confession to make. As a working mom I don’t feel one bit of guilt. Another business trip away from my daughter? Good, a vacation! Glued to the computer working on a script? Yeah, grown- up words! A television contract for a new show? Money, money, money! Working does not make me feel guilty. But not working does. more

Lovin' LinkedIn.

Like it or not networking is a part of business. It’s a skill some have and some don’t. Before I had my daughter schmoozing was easy but now that I’m a tired mother of a toddler I’ve grown lazy and just don’t feel like kissing up to people. Thanks to LinkedIn I don’t have to anymore, at least not in person.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.

I have three kids, all with final exams looming in May, and one that is taking his first PSAT and another that is taking the May SAT. Last year at this time, the house became a chaotic mess and I felt like I was working harder at getting them ready than they were. It caused me to fall behind at work and I spent June catching up. I want to help my children be successful, but I cannot go through that again; any advice for me? more

To Do. To Delegate.

I have some questions regarding what is proper to ask my administrative assistant to do. For instance, last week I missed my niece’s birthday because of my workload. Is it okay to have my assistant track my personal to do list? I know some executives have their assistant’s do everything from washing their car to picking up dry cleaning. I have always felt funny about some of these personal tasks—I don’t want to take advantage... more

Date Night Dilemma.

As a working mom, I struggle when it comes to going out on the weekend.
Both my husband and I have to leave the house on weekdays by 8am and
don’t come home until 5:30pm. We get some limited quality time as a
family in the morning, and a bit more between dinner and bedtime, but
it’s hard to justify cutting out on them on a weekend evening just to
get what equates to more grownup time. What’s more important, quality
time as a couple or as a family? more

I've Got My Calendar Under Control.

I’m struggling to find an effective means of syncing my calendar with my husband’s and my child care providers. Yesterday, the day before I was supposed to leave for a two-day business trip in the Midwest, I realized my husband and my babysitter had absolutely no idea I was planning on being away! There are other instances where my husband has been in a similar situation, or our kids have scheduled events that we find out about at the last minute. I feel like I’ve tried every “interactive” calendar product on the market, and nothing is working. Help! Any ideas? more

Making Time for Making Dinner.

I have a secret fantasy that I’m able to pull off home cooked meals five nights a week. But somehow, putting together a meal has proved as challenging as anything I have ever faced at work. The one night I do cook, I end up making the same basic meals time and again. I want dinner to be a family time, especially since all of our kids are in grade school and not as dependant as they used to be, but right now I spend the evening in the kitchen while my family waits patiently in other rooms. How can I make time-to-make-dinner time less overwhelming? more

Help Me, Help You.

I’m struggling a bit to teach my children to pack for themselves. I want them to learn how to be self-reliant, but I also want to make sure they have everything they need for the day. If I don’t triple check every detail, they’re likely to be fully prepared for snack time but missing important papers or sports equipment. What’s the right thing to do? more