How can we possibly have it all when most of the time we can't even find it? Our Survival Guide will offer tips on how to get organized, take shortcuts, work differently and stay connected all without forgetting to treat yourself from time to time.  The Guide might just help you get a little piece of mind, if only it could unload the dishwasher too.  Joined by special guests from time to time, our Guide gurus are Alanna Fincke, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart's Body & Soul Magazine and Sarah Welch, co-founder of Get Buttoned Up.  We figure they are uniquely qualified to teach us all how to add a little calm and order to our otherwise chaotic lives. 

A Green Summer.

The 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Here are easy ways to incorporate green into your household this summer without too much work on your part! more

Back to School - Yes, Already.

Didn’t school just let out? Like it or not, retailers get ready for back to school starting in early July – and they don’t save the deals for later. The early back to school shopper gets the worm. more

Moms: Take an Independence Day

Independence Day for Mom! What does this mean to you? A day to do what you want to do, or a day when everyone does what they are supposed to do? Tips to have a successful Independence Day for Mom: more

I Scream, You Scream.

July is National Ice Cream Month. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate! more

Mom-Friendly iPhone Apps.

Apple's newest phone, the iPhone 3G S, went on sale this past Friday, and sold a million in the first weekend. With over 50,000 apps on the market, how will consumers—particularly busy parents—know which are the best ones to buy? According to tech leader, the best ones aren’t always the ones that are top rated on iTunes. more

A Plastic Surgeon's Take on the Mom Makeover.

This week I discovered a new phenomenon – the granny momma. Let me explain. It was Monday morning, and I greeted a very nice woman who was in my office for a consultation. "Hello Barbara, it is wonderful to meet you. How did you find me?" The response was the usual, "Oh my friend referred me, and then I found out that a friend of a friend is your patient, and then my dermatologist recommended that I talk to you, and so now I’m here." more

No -- Just Say It.

Once you've tamed your inner-guilt monster, you are ready to welcome that most wonderful of words into your vocabulary. We're certain you barely use it. But it's a potent combination of two letters that could routinely save our sanity. Go ahead. Say it. You know the word we mean. more

He's a Boob Man.

Lately, my boobs have been the center of some targeted male attention. No, not from my husband, but my son. I don’t know what it is that makes my four year-old want to stick his hands down (not up for some reason) my shirt and cop a feel. He is also equally into running his hands over my chest area as if they are cars driving over hills. more

Garden Fun.

Every April 22nd school children, businesses, and ordinary citizens have an opportunity to celebrate Earth Day. That specific day has passed for this year, but it is not too late to add an interesting, hands-on twist to celebrating and renewing the earth: gardening with your family. more

My Time Out Philosophy

I’m a firm believer in time outs. Let’s face it, they calm bad behaviors, provide a respite from the chaos and if given consistently, do wonders for behavior modification. They key is to be disciplined about it and let everyone know that when you say time out, you mean it. Oh wait, did you think I was talking about time outs for the kids? more