How can we possibly have it all when most of the time we can't even find it? Our Survival Guide will offer tips on how to get organized, take shortcuts, work differently and stay connected all without forgetting to treat yourself from time to time.  The Guide might just help you get a little piece of mind, if only it could unload the dishwasher too.  Joined by special guests from time to time, our Guide gurus are Alanna Fincke, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart's Body & Soul Magazine and Sarah Welch, co-founder of Get Buttoned Up.  We figure they are uniquely qualified to teach us all how to add a little calm and order to our otherwise chaotic lives. 

Don't Miss a Minute: 10 Tips for Improving Your Home Video Footage.

If you’re a parent with a video camera, you know the frustrations of trying to shoot good footage of your children. Your adorable three-year old decides to put on a show, so you get out your video camera out and start shooting, hoping to save this moment forever. But when you look back at the video, it’s lacking the beauty you remember. Maybe your child keeps running out of the shot, or it’s too shaky, or every time your child says something, all you hear is your own voice. Despite your most noble efforts, the memory has been lost.


Get Your Groove Back.

May 13th is almost here, and, like us, you’re probably looking forward to some Mother’s Day perks - that extra hour in bed, the cute cards from your adorable kids and a brief respite from your motherly duties.


Give A Little Bit.

Did you know that this is National Volunteer Week? We know how it goes: you’re already stretched as it is trying to juggle your job, your kids, your spouse, and when you get the spare moment: you, so how could you possibly balance another commitment? But there are ways put those good intentions into action - even with that jam-packed schedule. Let us help you ditch the “would have, should have, could have” syndrome with these helpful tips. more

Playgroups Are For Working Moms Too.

If you are one of today's working moms, trying to find time to add anything new to an already hectic schedule is just about impossible. With each new appointment or task, every working mom must make a conscious effort to weed out any poor use of time and make room for only the best opportunities. Hopefully, the choices that are ultimately selected provide the best possible results for the entire family. One of the activities moms often evaluate is playgroups and whether or not they are worthwhile.


Donuts with Daddy: Why Family Rituals Matter.

Who knew donuts could make a kid healthier? Every Saturday morning, my husband and four-year-old son walk the dog up to our local donut shop. It takes them about half an hour round trip, and they inevitably return with an air of pride and satisfaction that goes way beyond a few measly pastries. Admittedly, I never really got the donut crusade. “Do we even need donuts?” I’ve been known to mutter as they head out the door. Turns out, we do.


Don't Type, Let's Skype.

VOIP stands for Voice Over IP. OK, Voice Over Internet Protocol. (Say IP instead of rolling out the words, you'll sound much cooler.) What is this, you ask? Essentially, it's a phone line that works over your fast speed Internet connection (either cable or DSL -- don't make me spell it out for you), instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.


Get Off The Couch With Your Kids.

Staying connected to kids that are in school all day takes some creativity. Meaningful conversations are all the more important if you are juggling work and family and have limited time for leisurely chatter. The two savvy women behind have discovered a reliable and inspirational ways to guarantee some real quality time with their kids.


Capturing the Moments: The (Not So) Perfect Shot.

I picked up pictures from the school photographer today. You know, the ones with the cloudy blue backdrop, and fake apples gripped tightly in their hands. I swear I hardly recognized my first born when I looked them over. “Did someone do your hair right before you took these pictures,” I asked. His hair looked unnaturally fluffed, and the not so natural tilt of his chin made him look much older than his young 4 years.


Working Moms Unplugged.

Stated simply, when you are multi-tasking like a mad woman while you are at home, you are stressing out your kids.


Ask Not What Your Community Can Do For You.

Amidst the chaos of parenting while working, we know it’s nearly impossible to find the time to give back.  For many of us, the closest we have come in years to the joy of giving is the thrill of gaining more closet space after sending the kids' outgrown clothes and toys to Goodwill.  more