Holiday Survival Tips.

by Paige Hobey


The parties. The presents. The chance to see out-of-town friends’ kids one year older in an avalanche of photo cards. The holiday season has lots of upsides, but excess down-time isn’t one of them. Hence, our survival tips. From time-savers to sanity-savers, they’ll help you survive the next few weeks with a little less pre-season stress.


#1. Gift Ideas


To make gift-buying easier, capitalize on your biggest asset: cute kids. Photos can be used to make anything from mugs to digital frames with rotating images. For the grandparents? Make a flipbook out of that video of your toddler’s first steps.  For the kids, check out these new personalized sesame street books that include names and pictures.


#2 Mailing and Receiving Packages


Forget schlepping a dozen packages and your kids to the post office; now the U.S. Postal Service offers a free pick-up service - have them come to your office. And if you miss a package, scheduling redelivery is also a snap.


#3 Decorations


There’s probably someone out there making boxwood wreath centerpieces and crocheted snowflakes by hand. For the rest of us, there are plenty of easier ways to get that holiday vibe. Most garden stores now offer pre-made winter arrangements for outdoor pots and garland with pre-strung lights. And if you really want to save time, you can have your holiday lights strung for you and your Christmas tree delivered.


"To Do" lists are great during the holiday season! It allows you to be organized and stress-free from all that is going on! Use Expo Markers and an Expo Whiteboard to create your "To Do" list!