Get Organized & Gain Thirty More Minutes a Day.


by Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore


Are you going around town wishing you had time to get a haircut, meet a friend for coffee, or even just read a book? Just the simple act of getting a little more organized in some areas can unlock quite a bit of ‘free’ time. Read on for some ideas on how to gain a few extra minutes for you in the day.


1. Be Email Fabulous


Setting up email filters is one of the best ways to keep from wasting precious minutes trying to sift though loads of unwanted emails just to get to your important messages. It also saves you time from unwanted, unimportant email interruptions. Also, cancel your “sign-ups” to daily emails you no longer read or care about. A good rule of thumb: if you skip over a particular blast almost 3 or more days a week, you really don’t need it clogging up your inbox. You may also want to ditch RSS feeds that you aren’t reading.


2. Ditch Perfection


Do the bed sheets really need to be tucked in perfectly when you make the bed? No. If you children make their own beds, resist the urge to remake them. Do you have to clean the whole living room before you go to bed? Probably not. Pick one or two tasks a day that soak up more time than you’d like and “imperfect” them, such as vacuuming quickly instead of making perfect lines in the carpet.


3. Unplug


This sounds simple, but if you have a mobile device, the thought of turning it off for thirty minutes or an hour may cause a little heartburn. But we urge you to try it. Your Blackberry can wait 30 minutes. It’s not a long period of time, but it is long enough for you to regroup and figure out how to tackle the rest of your day. Even turning it on silent during your lunch break is okay. Literally, 30 minutes is not the end of the world, it’s liberating.


4. Do It Alone


Normally we don’t advise this, but if you have something you really want to get off your plate, like scrapbooking pictures or reorganizing the file cabinet, do it alone and when no one else is home if possible. Otherwise you’ll be interrupted and frustrated that a 30-60 minute task takes you all day.


5. Do It With Others


Many hands do make light work. Cleaning the garage, doing laundry, washing & drying the dishes are tasks you should try not to do alone. With your hands washing and your son’s hands rinsing, a 20 minute task can take you 5 minutes instead.


Good advice! :)