Five Minute Workouts.

For many of us, when we get home from work, the last thing we want to do is workout. Especially if you assume that it isn't worth it unless you keep your heart rate an an aerobic rate for at least thirty minutes. That pushes dinner, homework, last minute business and bedtime back later than we would like. So why not shorten up your workout so you can do it all, plus getting in a little exercise will boost your energy and clam your mood so that your evening activities can go smoothly.
Here are 3 different workouts that you can do right at home using things right in your kitchen. All you need is an egg timer or a stop watch.

Five Minute Workout #1: One minute marching in place; one minute straight leg kicks reaching toward your foot with the opposite hand; one minute of sitting up against the wall like you are in an imaginary chair; one minute of arm punching; and one minute of the yoga plank.

Five Minute Workout #2: One minute of jumping jacks; one minute of climbing stairs or going up and down on one step; one minute of pushups on your knees; one minute of old fashioned bicycle crunches on your back; and one minute of knees to chest hold for stretch.

Five Minute Workout #3: One minute of sit down and stand up using a chair; one minute of triceps dips using the chair; one minute of lunges alternating legs; one minute of side to side hops; and one minute of yoga chair pose.