FINALLY, Rosa is back and my life has returned to normal....It’s funny, I thought that I would be counting down the minutes until she returned, but I was actually a little sad when she walked in on Wednesday morning. Of course, it didn’t help that the second Davis saw her he went running over to her, gave her a huge hug, and then informed me that he wanted to stay with Rosa the entire day and that, I quote, “Rosa is the best.” I was definitely a little insulted. I mean, I just spent three weeks straight with the little guy, and you’d think it meant nothing to him. I kind of felt like a girlfriend who just got dumped for another woman. And the insecurity – oh, my God. When Rosa wasn’t looking I went over to him and picked him up, and I actually asked him if he still loved mommy. You love mommy, right buddy? In the back of my mind I was calculating the psychological damage I was causing him right at that very instant and wondering how it might play out for him as an adult. Would he marry a horribly needy woman because that is what I modeled for him? Or would he go the other direction and marry a cold, distant bitch who could never satisfy him emotionally? Yes, these are the things that I think about on a daily basis. It’s scary and pathetic, I know.

In the other hemisphere of my life, however, I was SO EXCITED that Rosa was back because it meant that I FINALLY got to go back to work. This new book has been fermenting in my head since the end of April, and I’ve just been positively itching to sit down and dig into it. So when I woke up yesterday, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I seriously could barely even wait to get to Michael’s office (where, by the way, I have not been in THREE MONTHS. Which, by the way, is SUCH A LONG TIME). During my absence, Michael hired a new employee and re-worked his office space so that there would be more work stations, and I’ve been really anxious that I was going to lose my space in the process. So I checked with him on Wednesday to make sure that I still had a computer and a place to work, and he assured me that I could use the laptop in the conference room. Excellent.

So after I made Harper’s lunch and packed her backpack and covered her with sunscreen, the bus FINALLY picked Harper up yesterday morning, and I got dressed in a nice outfit and a pair of three-inch wedge heeled Louis Vuitton espadrilles that Michael bought me in Vegas last year after he won a little bit of money gambling. They’re beautiful but totally ridiculous, and yesterday was the second time I’ve ever worn them. Anyway, I then took Davis to his little preschool camp, and when I walked out onto the playground to drop him off, there was an entire petting zoo set up with goats, a pig, some geese, a giant tortoise, a few chickens, bunnies, ponies, a camel, and a yak. Yes, you read that right. There was a camel and a yak on the playground. And there was also hay and a ton of poop. And of course, Davis wanted no part of it unless I stayed and petted all of the animals with him. Because he loves me, which I will never doubt again. So there’s me, climbing over the wire pen in my ridiculous shoes, trying not to step in various types of farm/desert animal poop, and by the time I FINALLY managed to extricate myself and get off to the office, I was sweaty and gross and I smelled like goat. Or maybe it was yak.