Wendy Sachs
In Wendy Sachs's truly inspiring book, she interviews accomplished women to find out how they manage the working mom juggling act. Here, the interviewer becomes the subject. Wendy Sachs is an award-winning television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary and the author of the critically acclaimed book, How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms. Currently, Wendy works as a vice president at a NYC public relations agency. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Michael, and two children, Alexandra and Jonah.

All The Other Mommies Can Do Pick Up.

“You’re late!” my four-year-old daughter, Lexi, exclaims when I sit down next to her on the carpet in her pre-k classroom. “You missed all of the holiday songs.” Tears fill her eyes. more

Mama Bear & the Bullies.

It’s Friday night and I get home later than usual when my husband picks me up from the train with Jonah and Lexi in the car. more

The Outsource Initiative.

People always ask me, “Woman, how do you do it?” As I was getting my hair blown out Wednesday afternoon, it occurred to me how I do it, or at least how I pretend to do it all. One word – Outsourcing. American companies do it; moms can too.


Mommy, Why Do You Work?

My six-year-old son Jonah wants to know why I’m not the crossing guard at his school. And he asks me almost every day why I’m not spooning out the hot food in the cafeteria or volunteering in the playground at recess. This, he explains, are the activities the other mommies are doing at his school. more

Working Moms Need Their Nannies: Nanny Diaries Part Two.

Well, apparently I didn’t give Sally a raise fast enough. She left us. A week after she returned from Belize, Sally vanished. It was a Monday morning and I was sitting on the train heading into the city when I got a bizarre and disturbing message on my cell phone. “Wendy, I can’t come to work today, I have to go to court. I may not be released. I’ll call you later.”


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