Wendy Sachs
In Wendy Sachs's truly inspiring book, she interviews accomplished women to find out how they manage the working mom juggling act. Here, the interviewer becomes the subject. Wendy Sachs is an award-winning television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary and the author of the critically acclaimed book, How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms. Currently, Wendy works as a vice president at a NYC public relations agency. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Michael, and two children, Alexandra and Jonah.

Back to School Blues.

It’s mid-August and humid as hell. I’m wearing tank tops and flip flops to work to combat the heat and we have yet to take our family summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, but already I’m having a bad case of the Back-to-School Blues. more

The Breast Pump in the White House.

This has been an historical election season; busting down barriers thought impossible only a few years ago.  From Hillary Clinton’s ovaries (yes, Hillary haters, she is a woman), Barack Obama’s bi-racial DNA and Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith to Mike Huckabee’s funny name, this has been perhaps the most colorful and inclusive American presidential campaign season ever.


Do Working Moms Have More Babies?

Europe is having a baby crisis. The New York Times reported in a recent magazine cover story that fertility levels in Europe are at an all time low. This baby shortage has been called the “lowest-low fertility.” Given that the planet seems to be exploding, resources are tapped, and we’re all going to have to take out second mortgages more

Are You In The Moment?

As I was walking through the halls of my son’s musty, empty school last week on the way to pick up his report card, I felt a strange, uncomfortable feeling. Something gnawed at me, but I couldn’t decipher it.  At first I thought it could be the familiar, end-of-the-year blues, that sad, yucky feeling I remember having when I graduated from high school and roamed the building in June; a bittersweet sense of finality. more

Moms Behaving Badly.

I don’t do reality television. This feels like a confession, like admitting you’ve never seen “Sex and the City” in its original airing because you didn’t have HBO. I’m not completely out of touch. I once watched a “Dancing with the Stars” routine and somehow, while channel surfing, caught the final moments of “
America ’s Top Model” more

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