Wendy Sachs
In Wendy Sachs's truly inspiring book, she interviews accomplished women to find out how they manage the working mom juggling act. Here, the interviewer becomes the subject. Wendy Sachs is an award-winning television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary and the author of the critically acclaimed book, How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms. Currently, Wendy works as a vice president at a NYC public relations agency. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Michael, and two children, Alexandra and Jonah.

Destined for Greatness.

A colleague of mine recently said to me without irony, “I think that you think you are destined for greatness.”  He didn’t say this as a compliment.  It felt more like a zinger – an accusation along the lines of who the heck do you think you are Missy, wanting so much more out of life?  Isn’t this Popsicle stand good enough for you? more

The Medication Question.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with since becoming a mom is wondering if I’m doing it right. It all started at 3 a.m. after my son was born and I roamed the hospital corridors with a screaming, famished, newborn who was angrily attached to my nipple and clearly didn’t understand why his mother’s breasts were still empty. more

Groundhog Day Discoveries.

At precisely 6:09 AM yesterday morning, my daughter who has the internal biological clock of a Swiss watch, climbed into bed with me as she does every morning setting into motion the series of events that begin each bleary eyed day. Minutes after Lexi catapulted onto my bed landing on my head, my Chocolate Lab Jake barked to be fed, which, of course, woke up my son Jonah who came charging down the hall in a pitter patter more befitting a wild animal than a small child and jumped into my bed which then set off another steady stream of Jake’s barking. more

Road Trip: Inauguration.

It’s been years since my mom and I have had a good reason to take a road trip. But last Saturday to pay homage to our 44th president-elect, my mom flew from Florida to New York and together we packed up my Mini Cooper with cocktail dresses, snow boots and Starbucks lattes and drove to Washington, DC, to brave the cold, the crowds and to witness history. more

When I Grow Up.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but what we Americans love about the New Year is the titillating possibility of change. Out with the old; in with the Better You. It’s that sweet period that feels flush with promise and all that lay ahead. Even in funky times, we embrace optimism and pretend that we will utterly change ourselves and transform our lives. more

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