Risa Green
Tales from the Mommy Track is a weekly column about the daily life of a part-time working mom. Risa Green is a critically acclaimed author who lives in Los Angeles. Her previous adult novels, Notes from the Underbelly and Tales from the Crib were made into a television series. Her latest novel, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball, is a Young Adult book that will be released in September, 2010.

Life's Not Fair

Somehow, my children have been given the impression that all circumstances in life must be fair. But thanks to a new online game, a family game night gave my kids the chance to see just how "not fair" life can be for some. more

Two Years After My Father Died

Is it crazy or comforting to find meaning in signs after people we love die? Maybe we should value these reminders as memories, instead of ghosts. more

Holy Hormones!

How do I handle my tween daughter's pre-puberty crying jags and mood swings? more

Stuff Nobody Tells You

Since I became a parent nine years ago, I’ve been keeping a mental list of all the stuff that nobody tells you about being a parent. One of the most surprising? How hard it is to let your kids make their own mistakes. more

It Sucks To Be The Second Child

Being the oldest myself, I didn't really understand how hard it is to be a second child. But now that I’m the parent of a big sister/little brother, I’m really starting to see how awful it must have been. more

Better Than Beauty Pageants

I am not what you’d call a "pushy parent." I’ve watched that "Toddlers and Tiaras" show on TLC, and some of those pageant moms scare me to death. So when my daughter announced that she wants to start competing in ice skating this year, I was more than a little apprehensive. more

Remembering September 11th

How did September 11th change us as a country? How did it change the way we parent? There’s a certain carefree-ness to parenting that no longer exists in America, a certain innocence that our children will never have. more

Facing Fear As A Family

Learn why the family that zip-lines together, stays together! more

My Daughter's Summer Camp Transformation

Well, the kid is back. After seven weeks away at sleep-away camp, she's arrived safely home, and our family is finally together again. more

Going Through Life Off-Balance

I've written several times before about how my son has amblyopia, which is also known as "lazy eye." If you haven't read my previous posts, amblyopia is a brain disorder in which the brain doesn't process what one of the eyes is seeing. If left untreated, the eye will become weaker and weaker since it's not being used (hence the term 'lazy'), and eventually it will stop working all together, causing blindness in that eye. more

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