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Tales from the Mommy Track is a weekly column about the daily life of a part-time working mom. Risa Green is a critically acclaimed author who lives in Los Angeles. Her previous adult novels, Notes from the Underbelly and Tales from the Crib were made into a television series. Her latest novel, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball, is a Young Adult book that will be released in September, 2010.

Bittersweet Tears at My Daughter's 10th Birthday

I’m a sucker for milestones.  The last day of preschool, the first day of kindergarten, graduations of any sort, weddings, silver and gold anniversaries.  Play me the first few bars of the graduation march and I’m instantly choked up.  Show me a video of a father-daughter dance at a wedding and my mascara is dripping all over my face.  But nothing - nothing - gets me more than birthdays that end in zero.


The End of Perfectionist Parenting

I had lunch with a few of my girlfriends yesterday, and after we spent an hour discussing summer plans, Fifty Shades of Grey (haven’t read it yet, but as soon as I do, I’m going to blog about it, believe me), and how we all need to have our drooping eyelids fixed, one of my friends pointed out how amazing it was that we hadn’t talked about our kids once. 


His Giant Mistake

A friend of mine recently pointed me towards a blog that’s been making some waves in the mommy-blog world.  It’s called hisgiantmistake.com, and it chronicles the divorce of a woman named Cleo Everest (not her real name) as it happens.  more

Am I a 1950's Housewife?

When a teenager, I always swore to myself that I would never be dependent on a man.   I was going to have my own, successful career, I would have my own, separate bank account, and if my husband and I had shared finances, I would know everything about them down to the penny.


Second Lives are Lame

I have to admit that it was kind of strange for me when my seven year-old asked me if I wanted to see his wife.  Her name, he told me, is Lucy, and he was saving up his money to buy her a bed.  Unfortunately, he explained, he only had a twin in his house, so he's sleeping on the couch.  But, he was making $600 a week as a preschool teacher, so he figured he'd have enough money in about a month. 


I was all, wha' what?  Until he showed me that this was all going on in the alternate, iPad app universe known as SIMS 3: Ambitions. more

Are Shoelaces Irrelevant?

Every single day, my seven year-old son gets off the bus with both of his shoes untied, laces dragging on the ground, and his feet coming out of his sneakers with every step.  Every single day I ask him how long he’s been walking around like that, and every single day I am met with a silent shrug, which I take to mean, somewhere around five minutes after he walked into his classroom.  


The Extreme Detox Challenge

I read an article in the New York Times last week that completely freaked me out; it was about new parents who are taking non-toxicity to the extreme by purging their households of anything with dangerous chemicals in it. more

A Romantic Weekend... With My Son

A special vacation allowed one mother to reconnect with her son and gave him the chance to have Mom all to himself! more

I'm Scary and I Know It

I'm not afraid to say it. I’ll own being scary. Being scary means that I rarely get pulled into drama, and I rarely do things that I really don’t want to do. more

Reality Bites

How do you tell your kids they aren't as talented as they think? Nobody wants to be the mom who kills her kid’s self confidence and dashes all of their dreams. more

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