Risa Green
Tales from the Mommy Track is a weekly column about the daily life of a part-time working mom. Risa Green is a critically acclaimed author who lives in Los Angeles. Her previous adult novels, Notes from the Underbelly and Tales from the Crib were made into a television series. Her latest novel, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball, is a Young Adult book that will be released in September, 2010.

To Play Or Not To Play

An article ran in the Wall Street Journal yesterday called Why I Don’t Want My Kid To Play Team Sports.


My Son Thinks I'm A Liar

When my son was five, he had a minor obsession with Michael Jackson.  Not the music, per se, but with the way Michael Jackson danced.  Something about all of that moonwalking and crotch grabbing and head snapping just captured his attention, and for a solid three months, all he wanted to do was watch old Michael Jackson videos on YouTube.


The Email Dinosaur

In 1994, I got my first modem.  It was my first year of law school, and the magic of having the entire law school library in my own bedroom was astonishing to me.  I remember feeling so cutting edge.  That summer, working at a law firm, I got my first taste of an intranet - sort of an IM within the firm (which I completely abused, using it solely to banter with the other summer associates) - and then, in 1996, my law school assigned me my first ever e-mail account.


The Rules of Tween Dress Shopping

My daughter had her first boy-girl party last weekend.  Now, my first boy-girl party took place when I was her age, too, but the one I went to was held in the basement of a very cool sixth-grade boy, and it involved playing Spin the Bottle, Seven Minutes in Heaven and a couple of wine coolers while his mom was, I don’t know, out somewhere, I guess. 


Gettin' Crafty

One of the most important things I know about myself is that I am a creative person, but I am not a crafty person. 


Some people can pick up a pair of scissors and a piece of construction paper and turn it into something fabulous and original.  I can pick up a pair of scissors and a piece of construction paper and turn it into a piece of construction paper with uneven fringe along the edges. 


The Year Of Self-Sufficiency

As a child of the ’80s with two full-time, working parents, my younger brother and I spent a lot of time at home by ourselves.  We always had a babysitter when we were little, but by the time I got to middle school, we were full-blown latch key kids.  


When Our Kids Surprise Us

I keep thinking I know what the hardest part of parenting is, but then I find that every week, something harder comes along.  


Instagram Is The New Marijuana

When my kids were younger (as in, last year), I had the whole technology thing totally under control. 


My daughter had an email account, but it was primarily for keeping in touch with out of town relatives and camp friends.  Because she didn’t have a cell phone or an iPad or any kind of personal electronic device, she only checked her email a few times a week from the family computer in our kitchen.  


Why I Almost Love My Dog More Than My Kids

I remember vividly the night before my daughter was born.  I was having a scheduled C-section the next morning, so my husband and I knew that it was our last night as a childless couple.  As we lay in bed, anxious and excited and nervous, my enormous belly making it hard for me to breathe, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the little girl we’d be meeting in a few hours.  


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